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May 29, 2009, 09:39:18 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

We can add songs to the Acme Bowl ITG cabinet now.

I'm in charge of this, so basically this is how it works:

1. Post in the thread a link to the song that you want added to the machine. Make sure the audio is in the correct format, the SM file works with R21 syncing, and that you have a banner/background file if you don't want a generic one.
2. I'll play the song on my custom ITG build, and tell you if it's appropriate to add to the Acme machine.
3. Barring any weird stuff going on in my life, I'll add the song to the Acme ITG cabinet next time I do an update. This should occur fairly frequently.
4. If you have a song that you want added but don't have the file yourself (or it's a really common file), just post the song name and author and I'll look for it. I have all the DDR song packs converted for hacking, so that should be possible to add immediately.

Current Added Songs/Packs
ITG Rebirth
Customs 1:
 Loituma (12) (syncing is correct)
 Lucky (9) (syncing untested, let me know)
 Seven (11) (syncing untested, let me know)
 Shades of Blue (10) (syncing untested, let me know)
 The Final Hour (12) (syncing untested, let me know)
 Boten Anna (11) (syncing untested, let me know)
 Candyman (10) (slightly late, will fix)
 Crazy Loop (11) (syncing untested, let me know)
 Feels Like That Night (10) (syncing untested, let me know)
 Infernoplex (12) (syncing untested, let me know)
 Listen to Your Heart (10) (syncing untested, let me know)
 Tricky Disco (10) (syncing is correct)
 I Can Walk on Water, I Can Fly (11) (syncing untested, let me know)
 Heaven (11) (syncing untested, let me know)
Flash Exclusives ^_^ & Friends v2
Songs to be added on 5/xx/10
More Flash Exclusives stuff

...and of course more requests!

Other nice things
OpenITG beta2 installed
ITG3 Theme
ITG Empress theme (will be fixed soon)
Song Wheel Speed is set to Very Fast
Custom Speed Mods
A couple marathons.

Other planned hacks currently:[/b]
ITG Gold Theme (probably in May)
Theme Switcher (enter a pad code on the main menu, and a menu will pop up letting you switch the theme before your game)

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Read March 20, 2012, 08:33:48 PM #176

For example: Along with the estimated difficulty, add a tiny St to mean long streams, Sp for high speed streams, Rh for complicated rhythm, Gi for gimmicks, or whatever (maybe icons instead of letters). That would (hopefully) make it pretty apparent that the difficulty is part of a separate sort of calculation, while making  it really easy to try new songs without being disappointed. It would probably also require a legend or something to be taped to the machine, but that shouldn't be too bad.
Read March 20, 2012, 10:57:13 PM #177

Just got back from a long session, a bit aggravating because are several songs that are more or less a guaranteed fail if you're not expecting the gimmick. e.g. I selected Whiteblue as my first song of a set, and it turns out to be a tiny viewport gimmick which just killed and annoyed me.
If I was to prioritize anything as a first step, I'd suggest removing/refoldering the surprise death gimmicks. Completely wrong bpm and weird view things would probably be the easiest to find. The other, quicker, option is just to get some voting, ax some packs, and try out some new ones.

E: On another note, I was checking a few random packs from, and Rynker's Hard Techno, Gensokyo Voyage, Gensokyo Holiday, and Stomp Exceed (out of what I somewhat randomly selected) all seem like great packs: Multiple difficulties, not gimmicky, accurate ratings, etc. At least far better than having so many songs with a single 14+ chart.

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Read March 21, 2012, 10:10:21 AM #178

Hey I forgot we had this thread.

Can we maybe get Fly High from Flash Exclusives 2 put back on the machine? It was taken off at some point. Just throw it in my pack, that whole pack isnt worth putting on, all the good charts except that one are already on the machine. Thank you! Else if you can't find it I'll email it to you or something.
Read August 30, 2012, 08:14:54 AM #179

Hello friends!

I have prepared an expansion to my pack on the machine (of course, not being truly "my" pack or charts, but favorites I've found to share with you all!) consisting (tentatively) of 18 charts, mostly 9s-11s, but a handful of harder ones as well. How should I proceed to get these on the machine? I think you all will really enjoy some of them, especially some of these insanely catchy 9s and 10s I found. If it will require major administrative access to the machine let me know a day/time and I can run the pack down there, or else if it's a fairly simple procedure with little chance of breaking anything maybe just run me through it in a message or something. Anyway thanks!


Edit: Taken care of already  Grin See Acme thread

« Last Edit: August 31, 2012, 11:32:20 PM by Gerrak »
Read October 22, 2012, 08:45:25 AM #180

request: Windeu's GangnamStyle ~ link
might be a fun Doubles mode addition, before the meme dies forever    Wink

..I am not entirely sure if the Easy difficulty can be full-combed.
Read November 01, 2013, 10:20:18 AM #181

i'm planning on making a new file for the new Linkin Park song "A Light That Never Comes". i thought i'd format it so it could be added to the ITG machine, so i wanted to ask what the specifications need to be? can oITG take any song in any format recognizable like MP3 or does it need to be specifically like the original ITG2, with an .ogg at 48 kHz so it doesn't play too fast?
Read November 01, 2013, 12:17:36 PM #182

MP3 or Ogg works. Use standard settings and nothing exotic. I use OpenITG when I do my chart work because I'm positive that it'll work on an ITG cabinet. You can use Stepmania to construct charts, but be sure to open/save it in OpenITG to make sure it's formatted correctly.
Read November 01, 2013, 03:02:29 PM #183

i'll likely pull the audio from a CD so i'll format it ITG2 standard, just in case...
Happy Redneck
Read November 17, 2013, 02:55:25 AM #184

On ITG, down arrow on the 1P side is fuckin up, right arrow on the 2P is fuckin up.
Read November 17, 2013, 04:29:23 AM #185

On ITG, down arrow on the 1P side is fuckin up, right arrow on the 2P is fuckin up.

Honestly they've all been bad. Have been trying to fix them but can't quite make them 100%. I dunno why they've been acting up lately. Ill take another look tomorrow morning.
Read November 19, 2013, 02:47:24 PM #186

Hey Tony. Can you add the IWSS pack to the ACME machine? There are 2 stepfolders in the MAIN download that need deleting and replacing with the corrections folder.



Thank you!
Read February 09, 2014, 12:54:25 AM #187

Bumping this thread to put it to use the way it was intended

Here's some songs I'd like on the custom folder:

Thanks, Tony, in advance
Read February 21, 2014, 07:40:22 PM #188

Hey what's the criteria for adding song packs on here?

I'm still writing my own and I'm not 100% how they should be compatible with ACME's cab.
Read February 23, 2014, 11:51:54 PM #189

Recently have been checking out some of the Japanese ddr accomplishments. There are pretty hefty gimmick challenges from Konami with all the boss songs out there.

Would anyone else be interested consolidating all the hardest official charts out there into a DDR Boss Pack, including these:
Dr. D's Top 10 #1 Hardest DDR Songs 字幕(日本語)

plus DeltaMax and all the Max song X-challenges? Seems like this would fit nicely alongside the current Rhapsody and Dragonforce packs.

I'd also like to request that my miniature custom song pack "Ind Customs" just be emptied into the Customs pack. A 3-song (+1 doubles chart) folder is sorta silly.
Read March 12, 2014, 02:48:51 PM #190

So I'm brand new to this community, and actually live in the PDX area. I'm planning to hopefully come up to Seattle this weekend, and was hoping to get some songs added to the machine (I've been up once, and LOVE this machine).

If possible I would like it added by this weekend, if possible (I'm sorry for the last minute request).

Here is the Google Drive link (if it doesn't work, I can upload it to mediafire instead):
Read March 12, 2014, 03:12:13 PM #191

Hi Blanket,

Anscik recently changed how he'd like the song request process to work.
Please see this thread for the changes:

This thread is now locked.
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