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January 27, 2007, 01:30:36 PM - ORIGINAL POST -


1511 7th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101

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Read July 02, 2007, 03:30:45 PM #51

OK I just got back from there. Pop'n music is all unlocked, 3 songs for 15 points, right yellow buttons sticks A LOT, and the volume is REALLY LOW. I talked to a technician who knew nothing about it and couldn't find the volume knob. He said they'll get a few guys to look at it and "one of us will probably figure it out". Still 100k'd two songs. Cheesy

Taiko is Tako No Tatsujin 9. Good volume, screen, and drums. 15 points.

Drummania has good screen, volume, and all drums are very responsive. The seat however is really really low and they gave Michael a huge bar stool instead which was way too high. A restaurant chair would be perfect but one other worker said maybe they'll just get a proper drum seat eventually. Also 15 points.

Didn't play Guitar Freaks but it probably works just as good. I saw someone playing Dancemaniax so I'm sure it works well enough.

So yeah, kinda good, kinda bad. Makes me more excited for when Acme gets some of this stuff too. Cheesy
Happy Redneck
Read July 02, 2007, 04:17:11 PM #52

Holy shit I should try getting money by this weekend.
Read July 02, 2007, 05:55:21 PM #53

Very nice. 15 points is juuuust right. (Just be sure to get those $25 cards, guys.)

I think I'm going there right now. Cheesy
Read July 02, 2007, 07:09:53 PM #54

very good report.  hopefully they get the pop'n volume fixed.
Read July 02, 2007, 10:33:33 PM #55

Another confirmation.  The games are indeed there.  However, as Davyn said, the right yellow on PNM sticks.  Still, GW suddenly got very awesome.
Read July 02, 2007, 11:32:09 PM #56

The volume on guitar freaks is a little low, and the sticks on drummania stabbed and cut my hands up hardcore. Both are 13 points.

Taiko is amazingly fun, but the right drum is having some sensor issues. I now have (broken) kidney bean-sized blisters on both thumbs. 15 points.

Pop'n has a great monitor, but the yellow button is REALLY sticky. Almost every hit causes it. 15 points.

(and I never played DancemaniaX. lol old)
Read July 03, 2007, 12:58:36 AM #57

Quote from: "cynic"
(and I never played DancemaniaX. lol old)

quite fun when all the sensors work (very high maintenance machine).  too bad it's not a 2nd mix...petit love would been blasting right next to the indy 500 machine, more than once!
Read July 03, 2007, 11:32:46 AM #58

I'm going in about an hour.
Happy Redneck
Read July 17, 2007, 11:39:25 AM #59

Bump cuz it's a hotspot now. Might go this Saturday.
Read July 20, 2007, 07:35:12 PM #60

I guess it hasn't been posted, so just saying for info
davyn said the yellow sticky button was fixed (this was 2 weeks ago though so i don't know how its doing now)

ddr conditions:
extreme: i failed everything (literally)
usa: okay if you stay on easier songs
sn: pretty good, a bit weak on right arrow both sides
Read July 21, 2007, 12:01:32 AM #61

i never touch the extreme and usa because the pads are in such bad condition...and the sn is leaning that way too if they don't fix those right arrows...
Read July 22, 2007, 10:55:47 AM #62

i'll probably be going to gameworks on wednesday or thursday... or both.
Read July 22, 2007, 10:30:04 PM #63

i will be there on thursday.  Went today with Tony (Fweezel not ancsik) and we pretty much dominated the popn machine Smiley

the volume on popn is way higher... almost too loud hahaha
Read August 04, 2007, 03:08:00 AM #64

So i know there was a bunch of bitching about curfews and w/e in the acme thread i believe, i think some of it may have been directed at gameworks. at any rate, when i was there tonight the amount of warnings they gave of 'get out if you arent 18' was almost obnoxious. and they were plenty nice about it. they gave a detailed warning every 15 minutes starting at 9.

idk about acme because i don't think i've ever been there at that time, but i will check it out eventually. at any rate i still haven't had problems with any staff anywhere >_>

everything works good at gameworks that i played except right side initial d is STILL broken. fucking blah i miss initial d so much. not that anyone plays here Sad

oh yeah, and the place to park is at Pike Tower. if you get there after 4pm, it's only 5 bucks. the only downside is the ramp is only open til midnight. the ramp directly east of there on pike is open til 2:30am but you pay a lot more (that's the neon green one).
Read August 05, 2007, 02:30:58 AM #65

I might be going tomorrow, since I may as well enjoy it before the I-5 closure.

And no, none of my bitching was at GW.  All of it was at Acme.  My problem is not so much with the curfew itself, but the assinine way that the security, probably too pissed off from making $6 an hour, $1.63 less than WA's minimum wage, enforce it.  They target the Bemani players first, and interrupt you mid-song to ask you your age.  Come to think of it, the security is the only part of the staff I have had problems with at Acme.  The rest are okay in my book.

At GW, the staff there have never pulled me away from the game to ask my age.  Hell, I haven't even been asked about my age even once past the curfew now that I think about it, and I'm someone you could probably mistake for being a minor from my looks, and the minors seem to leave anyway.  I guess you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
Read August 06, 2007, 09:24:46 PM #66

lol @ all this immature bitching. stop insulting bill's establishment.
Read August 06, 2007, 09:29:57 PM #67

lol @ calling it Bill's establishment.
Read August 06, 2007, 09:52:41 PM #68

lol at u for responding to a blatant bait
Read August 06, 2007, 10:47:32 PM #69

I'm just cool like that. ;-)
Read August 06, 2007, 11:34:45 PM #70

Zeppy mixed up PNW and 4chan again =O
Read August 07, 2007, 12:48:55 AM #71

No, I think (s)he's just being his/her normal self.

I'm probably going on Wednesday, after CSE orientation.
Read August 07, 2007, 06:02:19 PM #72

i had people taking pictures of me playing drummania today :mykl:
Read August 08, 2007, 12:50:51 AM #73

Did you sign any autographs?
Read August 08, 2007, 11:17:15 AM #74

charge them...  1 credit for every picture
Read August 08, 2007, 12:42:23 PM #75

Quote from: "uhhh"
i had people taking pictures of me playing drummania today :mykl:

i used to get that all the time in hawaii. but they would give me dollars too.

some guy told me i was "the coolest person in the world" while playing pop'n the other day.
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