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April 15, 2015, 05:20:04 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

Hi.  I recently moved to Shoreline and was curious if there would be interest in coming to a housewarming.  Basically, it is a good excuse to have a bbq.  I used to hold a lot of bbq's in Illinois and miss it.

If there is some interest, I'll post more.

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Hey Isr, welcome to the north of Seattle. I just moved to Lynnwood myself. The forums have been quiet lately, but there's a bunch of people that live in the north side.
Read April 15, 2015, 02:16:50 PM #2

It really depends on the time and date for me. I might come by to hang out, but I've found myself rather busy these last few months and summer usually is busier than most other times of year for me.

So, if you decide to do something, feel free to post it and I'll see if I can make it or not.
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Just moved from Wenatchee to Kirkland about 2 weeks ago myself. Looking for some people to go play some dance games with. I will be going on weekends probably unless there is a reason to go after work.
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