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April 05, 2007, 01:54:09 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

Well the tournament has come and gone and it was a good time had by all. We had more than a fair share of close games and thank's to Null's camera, I've put some up on my website for anyone to checkout. I only put that matches that were really close, but those were the most interesting matches by far!
Thanks again for all those who came and participated, I'm glad it went so well.


VIDEOS (you'll need the most recent wmv codecs)      <---would've been a tie if not for a pad miss.

Here's the setup for the tournament:

-Singles Heavy/Expert mode competition.

-Double elimination. (this means you're not out until you lose twice)

-You must register to be eligible to compete in the tournament. You can register at the Moscow Bumpers or by sending a PM to Suko through the forums. Registration ends at 10:45 AM on Saturday, May 12th. (Note: Since this has just been approved by Bumpers, some employees might not know about the tournament just yet, especially those at the Bumpers not located in Moscow.)

-Registration Fee is $7 per player.

-There will be a qualifier song to determine players position in the tournament brackets.

-Competition songs will be chosen by pre-determined theme cards consisting of 5 songs. Each player will then choose a song to remove, leaving 3 songs. The players will then compete on these three songs and the player who gets the best 2/3 determines the winner.

-(sorry if this explanation is a bit confusing, I'm trying to make it as simple as possible...)
Bumpers is willing to match each player's contribution and put that money towards the grand prize money pot. This means that for each player who registers, $2 goes to the arcade for reimbursing them for letting us use the machine, $5 will go into the money pot, and then an additional $5 from Bumpers will go into the money pot. (This means that for each registered player, there will be $10 in the winners pot. That means that with 15 players, the winners pot will be $150 bucks! That's quite a lot of prize cash for a DDR Tournament!)

-Prizes will be in....CASH. That's right, pure cash.
1st    -    50% of the winners pot
2nd    -    33 % of the winners pot
3rd    -    15% of the winners pot
4th   -    5% of the winners pot

If I think of anything else relevant, it will be posted here. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will respond to them as soon as I can.

Amendmants & Updates:
-I'm not worried because the tourny is still a month off, but registration at Bumpers is still up in the air at the moment. You can always register by PMing me here though.

-The prize pool accidentally added up to 110%, I re-adjusted it accordingly to equal 100%.

-We (the organizers) are going to try to get a PS2 with Guitar Hero 2 setup at the tournament for players to use when they're not playing in the competition. Heck, we might get an old Xbox and get Halo2 out as well, we'll have to see.

-Note that I was requested by Bumpers to change the entry fee from $5 to $7. Before anyone goes balistic, let me tell you that by doing this we will create a prize that is more rewarding. $10 per player will be put into the winners pot instead of the $8 we previously had. This means that the prizes, even if only 10 people show up, will be huge. You can do the math for yourself to find out.
Read May 22, 2007, 05:42:02 PM #51

nah, Suko looks big compared to me Tongue
and don't worry about it Cake, erm... Cale, I own't harrass you too much.
Read May 24, 2007, 01:08:07 AM #52

I'm goin completely off my terrible memory here, but I believe the semi-finals/final rounds were played between the following players;

Beat, Diggit6, Suko, Null

I know that this was part of the final set...

I think this was part of a semi-final round...

As was this...

Most of the other videos were just close matches during the tourny that I had to share. Cale, if you're curious about the songs played for the last stages, it was based off dozens of pre-determined cards, though I got shafted with two of the hardest sets in the tournament.
Here's the last two sets that I played (that makes these two of the four semi-final sets).

Beat vs Suko
Are You Serious?   9.4

Max Unlimited   10
Paranoia Survivor   10
Dead End   9
Exotic Ethnic   9
Healing Vision -Angelic Mix-   9

Diggit6 vs Suko?
End of the Road   9.6
Max 300   10
Drop Out (From NonStop MegaMix)   9
Paranoia Evolution   9
Sakura   10
Xepher   10

Of these, each player discards a song, leaving three remaining. Then the player to win 2/3 of the remaining songs, wins.
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