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May 31, 2011, 06:01:38 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

I was at ACME yesterday, and things got really out of hand with the coin line.  There were somewhere between 8-15 people who wanted to play at any given time, something like six quarters up, lots of frustration, and very little satisfaction with this system from anyone.  When xenonscreams asked me how we do lines here, I honestly didn't even know what to tell her, since our rudimentary attempts at coin lines are often foiled by the fact that quarters all look the same.  Tongue

BACK IN MY DAY, we used to do card lines.  I don't know if I could convince everyone who plays around here to transition to this method, but it was much more cut and dry and significantly easier to understand.  Each person used a different card so they were easy to identify (even if it wasn't something like a business card with your name on it, people generally knew who used, say, the Safeway club card.)  This is my proposal.  I'd like to hear other suggestions, though!
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I did notice a couple of pennies had sunk into the rack yesterday.  I really hope there's a way to tighten it.
Read July 11, 2011, 01:39:17 PM #52

Couple quick things..

For Clarification:
When you guy put up a coin, are you reserving your spot for 1 turn, or are you entering yourself into a rotation circle for the sake of playing multiple times (& thus planning to leave your coin/card up there)?

For simplicity:
If you are going to take a break, skipping a round, etc. then shouldn't you remove your coin so we're not looking around for who's wanting to play?

Up until now, I've always assumed that a person puts their coin up there to reserve 1 spot for 1 turn & then intended to remove their coin the moment that its their turn & they step onto the machine. Then they'd put their coin back onto the machine at the End of the coin line to reserve their next turn. I'm probably mistaken in this assumption, since I don't think I've seen others do it @.@

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In 2003ish when I used to play a lot and we had card lines, it worked exactly as you stated - when you went, you moved your object to the back of the line again to get back in the queue.  Nowadays, it does seem like the objects are just ways of saying you're at the arcade and in the rotation.
Read July 11, 2011, 03:08:23 PM #54

Perhaps the reason that people think a card line is unnecessary is that nowadays it seems like we either just wait near the ITG machine, or maybe sneak in a game of DDR or Street Fighter; it's a lot easier to remember the order when everyone's in the vicinity, making people feel it's not necessary to have a line.

Though it's still not completely redundant; I'd like to see the coin/card line system work like it did in the old days.

Also, having a line eliminates any ambiguity--If someone who doesn't post on this board sees that there's a line on the machine, they'll immediately know "There's a line; I better put something up if I want to play".

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Read July 11, 2011, 03:24:31 PM #55

I thought the coin rack was kind of nice when I found it under the machine and taped it there initially... And people seemed to appreciate it. I mean I don't really care, but 95% of the people who come are going to hold their place in line with a coin if there's more than a couple people there.

That being said
I really have to doubt that this was somebody believing something incorrect and was in fact somebody thinking he could cheat the system without repercussions.  The removal of the coin rack serves both to protect the players (including casual players who may not know better) and to send a subtle message that his actions will not go unnoticed.

I know the guy personally. And he doesn't actually believe this. He also plays at Acme all of maybe once a month, and is in the Navy and hence is gone for months at a time anyway, so its actually just the removal of the coin slot that will go unnoticed by him. Sounds like you're really trying to justify taking it off, when ultimately it was a single ridiculous incident that sparked this.

However the coin slot itself has provided a nice place to help organize a system that everyone who plays knows; removing it doesn't really *protect* anyone. It just makes continuing to put quarters up minutely more annoying. Honestly I suggest you just actually put up quarters if you see the player in question (or any player you don't personally know for that matter) and he wouldn't have even fake leverage.
Read July 14, 2011, 04:02:13 AM #56

i'll start using my sri lankan 10 rupee coin. one of the coolest shape coins i've seen.
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