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September 23, 2014, 02:37:20 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

Hi, y'all!

Within a few weeks, DDR X3 V 2nd Mix at ACME is going to have E-amuse support. Bill has asked me to take on distributing cards myself, so I ordered a bunch of them in bulk, and they arrive on Thursday. I wanted to make sure that we're all prepared to get on the network as soon as it's set up, so I plan to begin distributing cards as soon as possible.

First, a short explanation for those who don't know about the E-amuse system. Later Bemani/DDR mixes use cards, called E-amuse cards, to track players' scores, rank them against one another nationally, etc., via a network that some US players wrote for us called Programmed World. At a very simple level, this card is to DDR as your USB drive is to ITG. And if you happen to go somewhere like California where they have other Bemani, you can track those scores with this card too.

These cards typically retail for between $5 and $10 US.  My price structure is as follows:

$5 US in-person: I plan to run bi-monthly meetups at ACME where we all play DDR X3 V 2nd Mix together, and I'll have the cards available for purchase, including one this Friday evening from 8 PM to 11 PM.   This would also be a good time for players to point out any pad issues they may be having to me!

$7 US via US mail: PM me your address and use Amazon Payments or Square Cash to send me $7, at which point I will place your E-amuse card in a standard, letter-sized envelope and mail it to you via the US Postal Service that same day. The extra cost for mailed cards is because mailing the cards requires that I purchase supplies like envelopes and stamps, and because it takes time for me to mail them. When you PM me, I will give you more information on how to send me money via Amazon Payments or Square Cash.

Please do keep in mind that the cards will not be useful until the readers arrive and are set up, which will be a few more weeks.  That said, it's a good idea to get yours now, because then you can play unlocks right away, instead of having to worry about coordinating with me.

Feel free to post any questions you might have here. Smiley



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Do these e-amuse cards have designs on them? Or are they all the same type?
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