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August 02, 2007, 03:35:05 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

I won it at one of DMN's tourneys about a year ago.  It's a DMN2 marquee on wood... the whole headboard, with lights in it.
I was too lazy about selling it to someone with a machine, and here I still have it, with no use for it really.  I can post pics if you want but I think a lot of you know what it looks like anyway.

I don't know how much to sell it for.  Since it's authentic (thick hard plastic, holographic konami sticker) and has a platform and lights... but is a little worn (two screws missing, as well as a corner)... Asking $70, will take offers if reasonable.  Local pickup (whereever if ACME or north).  I'm just trying to clean up around my room.

i sold the monitor

edit: originally I said I have a copy of SSBM that made it into my luggage on a trip, but it turns out it is Super Mario Sunshine in a SSBM case.  Case is really beat up, disc is scratched.  +$5 to either item above and it's yours.

PM or AIM if you're interested.
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