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August 29, 2008, 04:25:48 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

Please read my entire post before offering any suggestions...

Hey all, I've just recently moved to the Edmonds/Lynnwood region and must say that I'm very disappointed in the lack of decent dancing games in the region. There are a lot of them (mostly in bowling lanes), but they're all $1 per play and hardly ANY of them even have good pads. People keep telling me to go down to Acme to play. I love Acme, but just to make a single trip from my place to Acme, and back, costs me nearly $15 in gas, not to mention the $5-$10 I spend to play ITG or DDR. I used to play DDR 3-5 times a week and spent half the amount of cash I did per game, so this is all a real big bummer for me.

Now, the reason for this post is as follows:

Some friends and I will soon own an ITG2 dedicab in complete 100% working order. However awesome the idea of owning your own machine is, the truth is, we all like to go out to play ITG and meet new people. If we just shoved this thing in a garage and kept it to ourselves, we'd have to eat all the expenses, and in our opinion, this just isn't any fun at all.

So, here is what we were thinking. Why don't we put this ITG machine somewhere up North of Seattle (Bothell, Lynnwood, Everett) so players in this area can get their ITG fix without breaking the bank and their gas bills? This machine is player owned and we'd like to put it at a bowling alley, arcade, or some other place where this machine would be well received. By opening our machine up to all players, we can help recoup the costs of purchasing/maintenance of the machine while also helping out the players in the area.

Now, here's our biggest problem we're facing. We are not a rental company or a distributor. We're just some players with an ITG2 machine and all we have to offer is this ITG2 machine and that's it. This poses a problem because most establishments either prefer to own their own games, or are already renting from a distributor. Because of this, I don't know of any places that would allow us to put our ITG machine in their location unless we could offer other attractions as well.

I'm asking anyone familiar with the area north of Seattle to offer any suggestions they can for us to explore. We really want to share this machine with all the players, but finding a location to put it is our biggest concern.

I'm also thinking of talking to Bill (who I've been told owns the ITGs at Acme and Tacoma) and see if he might want to work with us to maybe distribute this machine through his services to somewhere in the northern regions.

I might modify this post if I have anymore thoughts or ideas, but at the moment, please give me any suggestions you can. I don't have regular internet access at the moment, so if I don't reply for a while it's nothing personal.
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