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February 01, 2010, 06:44:48 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

This is very premature but I'm looking for a dedicab. I'm at school for the next year or so and will have no use for it until I get back, but when Im back in Washington, I'll have enough to pick one up, as long as its not much more then 9k or so. I'm not looking to actually buy it until I get back. I'm just looking for ideas of where to get one, or if maybe Bill would be willing to sell his dedicab at narrows. I would love buying the machine from him due to the fact that I know all of his machines are in great condition, and if it's not pulling in the cash at narrows, I would want my money to go to Bill. May not be be able to check this very often, but there is no hurry on this. I'll be able to pay with cash upfront, and if its local that will make it easier to ship, and give me a little extra cash to pay for the machine itself. Best wishes everyone. Hope the Acme crowd is doing great.
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The ITG cabinet at Narrows isn't actually a dedicab - it's been upgraded from a much older DDR cabinet. If this doesn't bother you, I think that upgrade cabs are a lot easier to find than dedicabs.
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As far as what I want, would be nice to have usb slots, and be able to be upgraded with a custom theme, and songs.  Pad condition is my biggest concern, I'm not looking to spend that much cash for something Ill have to fix as soon as I get it. I know a few of the people on this forum know how to do a lot of what Ill need to do to the machine when I get it. That was another reason I wasn't trying to spend much more then $9,000, because it would be nice to have extra to pay someone to help me set it all up, and for spare parts just in case. If I can pick up a machine for much cheaper then that and just upgrade it, then that would work as well, but I know that I would need help with that. I know it would be out of the way for most of you (since I live in Puyallup) but I would most likely keep the machine up for pretty much public use to everyone. As long as people wouldn't be damaging the machine, more then just wear and tear.
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