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May 13, 2007, 12:45:50 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

I feel like I'm going to be retiring from Bemani.  I know, everyone always says this.  Perhaps I may be back someday, but for now, the flame inside me has just died, and I feel like I need closure by making this post.

You probably noticed this by how little I have been posting and even visiting the forums, or by how little I have been going to any arcades in the past 6 weeks or so.  In fact, I haven't played any Bemani at all since SC, not even CS IIDX or StepMania, and am experiencing nothing resembling a withdrawal.

It is also just such a hard hobby to enjoy.  The outdated Bemani we have in WA just isn't cutting it for me anymore.  The only other option is travelling 150+ miles to Canada, and putting up with the border patrol.  Telling them I was going to an arcade was one of the most demeaning things I have ever done.  Hell, I can't even throw a decent BYOB anymore, and I doubt I'll ever host another in the future after the disaster that was the last one.

For all of you who still like it, more power to you, but I think I am gone for now.  Hopefully you won't view this post as me saying "LOLZ, YOU GUYS ARE STUPID FOR LIKING BEMANI AND QUITTING WAS THE BEST THING I'VE EVER DONE".  That is definitely not my intent.  I'd still love to hang out with you guys, and maybe even go to BYOBs if other people host them.  As for Bemani though, I think it's my time to quit.

- Tada
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It's cool, though. I know I'll still be seeing you around in the future, and that nothing has changed since you've made this post.

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I'm starting to feel the same way.  I'll still play home versions and stuff, but the community is starting to die.  I do think it has to do with the lack the most recent versions of the BEMANI games around here, but I think thats just due to the lack of support for arcades.  I know Bill tries his best to give us something, and I'm happy to have what we have... but right now the community is in a decline.  I kind of got this feeling during Sakuracon when we were playing IIDX/Pop'n.
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haha, no hard feelings, Tada. Take care!

Regarding community:
The past few months have actually been the first time I've hung out regularly with people at Acme or the waterfront.

I've hung out with Davyn, Laura, Tony, Mike... maybe it's more of just hanging out with friends instead of a "community" or something. But nothing seems dead for me.
The Wise Fool
Read May 14, 2007, 10:06:18 PM #4

Quote from: "BLueSS"
I've hung out with Davyn, Laura, Tony, Mike... maybe it's more of just hanging out with friends instead of a "community" or something. But nothing seems dead for me.

I agree with this statement.

Have fun, tada.
Read May 15, 2007, 08:52:17 PM #5

I live down in Olympia... where BEMANI near non-exsistant.  I guess that explains why I feel that way.  If there was a Supernova/ITG2 cab like 5 min away, I'd probably be playing it a bunch.
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