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December 05, 2009, 01:49:57 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

 I thought this might deserve a thread of its own. To quote dear Nimm:
Update Report: The volume on the ITG3 Machine is severely low. There were 4-5 of us: Gerrak (Allan), Me (NiMM), Tuanh, Travis, and another regular from 7:30-9:30pm playing tonight. Without even mentioning the issue, each of us asked each other why the volume was so quiet. Earlier this week when going to ACME, Gerrak and I had no problems with the volume of the machine, as it was the same as before tonight. However tonight it was near a point of barely hearing the song from a player's point of view. Of course it wasn't something wrong with the machine itself as restarting wouldn't rectify the issue. Being a rather quiet stepper, (most of us were), the steps were pretty much all either player could hear, resulting in mainly sight reading. The immediate consensus among the group of regulars that were present was that the volume just perfect the way it was before the change. Generally, we are there a couple times a week, and noted that the volume change was very recent. I also called and left a message with Masterman Vending to notify them of the issue, and am posting here to bring light to it as well. I understand word of this will spread fast with the volume on the machine being the way it is.

Please note when I first arrived on the scene, it wasn't too crowded, as there were 2-3 others only on Initial D racing games, so the enviroment's noise wasn't the issue, because even on a busy busy friday night a week ago with Rambo, Guitar Hero, Air Hockey, crowds, and the other DDR blazing in play, we would hear the music more loudly and clearly than the volume it was tonight. If anyone has any questions or curiosities about the issue, feel free to contact me or definitely visit ACME (if you can) to see for yourself.

P.S. Thank you Bill for your work on the sensors, I seemed to have little to no problems when playing today, pad wise. I would also like to extend my thanks to you and the others for your maintenance and care on the machines, because most places with dance games are never maintained, and we feel it is helpful that the condition of the machines is kept well. Hopefully the volume issue will be rectified soon and placed back to the previous volume.  -NiMM

I'm not sure who changed the volume or why but as it stands it's basically unplayable, and the volume shouldn't have been reduced anyway. It was at the perfect level such that you can still hear it reasonably on a busy night, enough at least to enjoy the game, but not loud enough to be offensive to anyone.

Also, I think the sound on ITG might be too loud because the speaker is starting to sound really tinny. Worried it's destroying itself.   -Laura
No, it's not destroying itself or anything it sounds just fine I've played there a lot, it should really just be left alone. Was probably the song that was being played at the time. Anyway please Bill have this fixed ASAP! Was really looking forward to playing this weekend. Thanks!  Grin

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Yes, agreed, the volume was perfect!  No idea WTF happened there.  Nobody was authorized to attenuate it.  Since you guys phoned it in, service may have already been up there late last night.  If not, they will be there today.  Please report back, as I will not be the one there and hopefully the service guys will do okay at getting it back.
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 This is why we love you bill  Cheesy I shall test it tonight
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To be fair, when I made that post, this was a problem on EVERY song I played for the whole night. I've blown out speakers before, and I know fully well what that sounds like. Certainly, I never advocated the volume being turned down THAT MUCH, but I was legitimately worried given what I heard.
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Service did respond to someones phone call Friday night to our shop.  Our tech was assisted by some of you guys in getting the volume back where it should be.  Thanks to whomever worked with our tech on this Friday night.  :-)
Happy Redneck
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