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March 09, 2009, 08:30:29 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

I have some bemani soundtracks and flyers for sale, and some video game oddities that I no longer need around... I'm reasonable and open to offers/trades, I just need to clear this stuff out...

various bemani soundtracks - $5 each. the list is: guitar freaks 1st, guitar freaks 8th, guitar freaks 10th, drummania 1st, beatmania IIDX

various bemani flyers - $5 each; Guitar Freaks V2, IIDX Happy Sky, IIDX Gold (have a couple of Golds)

NES USB controller - $20

Dragon Warrior Blue Slime Hats - $20 each, cosplay hats, one is bigger than the other. Never wore these, except for a photo opportunity (second link) - other than that, they've just been sitting around as decorations.

If you are interested, reply back here or hit me up on AIM: Stealth CPS

Thanks for looking!
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