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August 06, 2012, 09:22:23 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

Not sure who all will be involved to help PG pull this off, but they have a Kickstarter to try to make a Seattle version of AFK Tavern.

Link to the Kickstarter - $75,000 goal.

Some of their planned features include:
  -  Level Up will showcase a wide variety of games to accommodate all styles of play
  -  Video game and tabletop gaming stations throughout the entire lounge.
  -  25 flat-panel TVs to accommodate almost any video game you desire.
  -  Screens embedded inside our custom designed bar, and at every booth running current and previous generation consoles.
  -  Going retro? We got you. NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, you name it. It’s what Pink Gorillas do best.
  -  Island tables kept clear for table-top gaming. Feel free to bring your own board games and cards.
  -  Dedicated system-link multiplayer arenas and fighting game stations, for all you competitors out there.
  -  Dedicated soundproof Music Game Room for games of the music/rhythm genres.
  -  Like one of our games? Buy it right there! Any game in our library is available for purchase.
  -  Don’t see a game you like? Bring your own! We’ll run any game we have a console for.
    Consoles, cards, and other game-related merchandise available for purchase.

What do you guys think? Sound interesting?
Read August 06, 2012, 02:31:41 PM #1

Sounds cool, but I will be amazed if they reach the $75,000 goal. That's not too bad when you're talking about a product that you're trying to develop to sell online. But something local like a store will only get much attention from local people, who are much less numerous than everyone on "the intertubes".

Edit: I live so close to AFK Tavern, but I still haven't visited yet. That's a shame and I need to rectify that.

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