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May 09, 2013, 02:00:45 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

Hey guys. A few of us went to play on the Battletech simulation pods at The Airlock last night and we discovered a hidden gem for any arcade fans. This place has at least 20 cabinets from the 80's, 90's, and a few more modern games up and running at the time I visited. This includes classics like Mario Bros & Radar Scope, but they also had Street Fighter vs X-Men, Soul Caliber 3, Super Off-Road, and many others. I was pleased with their game selection, but I will say they're a bit lacking in the pinball department (they only had 1, from what I saw). Unfortunately, they don't have any dance games yet, but that might change in the future.

They told me that the arcade is open for people to use, even if they don't want to play int he pods, so that's nice. And if console games are more your thing, they also have a front room with two large flat screens hooked up to various game systems. So if all the other stuff doesn't suit your desires, there's that, too.

I want to encourage you guys to check this place out if you're feeling a bit bored or just want to hang out at an arcade that really feels like an arcade from the 80s/90s. They're open 5pm to Midnight Wed thru Sat, so they're a good option for late night chilling/gaming.

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How good is the Battletech simulation?
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Reminds me of the days when Wizards Of The Coast had a game center near the UW.  They had a nice arcade, a bunch of Battletech pods, and a decent cafe.  Then, one day, I went there and they were closed.  Alas.  It had been nice to have a good arcade in the area, years and years ago when I still lived in the U District.

That's the last time I saw Battletech pods, not that I've gone out of the way to look for them.
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Battletech firestorm is 15 years or so old, so don't expect visually anything stunning, but for the simulation itself I though it was awesome. Scott can speak more on it than me, but our whole group that went had a blast.
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How good is the Battletech simulation?

It runs on a modified Mechwarrior 4 engine. So, essentially, it plays a lot and looks a lot like MW4. As Keby said, it won't graphically blow your mind, but the immersion is fantastic.

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Some people are trying to setup a Wednesday Night Fighting Game meetup there too. Too bad I'm busy watching fighting games on Wednesday nights to go play them. Sad
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