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June 16, 2016, 03:58:53 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

Hey guys,

I just wanted to start a new thread about a dance games location I stumbled on in Bellingham called "Reset Games" since there weren't any threads about Bellingham locations and the guy who owns the machines here seems to do a pretty good job with the maintenance. They have a charming old school arcade with a number of fun older games, plus some newer-ish ones like Street Fighter IV (and II) as well, but in particular they have an ITG2 Upgrade Cabinet in decent condition!

It's not quite perfect, probably 7 or 8/10 at this time by my rather high standards since I was getting pad-greats and some misses here and there, but altogether it's good enough to play on and enjoy for anyone in the area. It also seems to be a work-in-progress; the owner is doing a pretty good job, as I said, with the maintenance and it has USB drives which are supposed to be working soon. At this time it's a very primitive version of ITG2 (including really old timing windows), but I suspect it will continue to evolve, especially if more players in this area show some interest. I hope this is helpful for anyone looking for dance games in this previously rather dry part of the state. Keep up those arrows, all!

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