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 on: April 12, 2019, 07:22:29 PM 
Started by KevinDDR - Last post by Thunderbird
There was one Saturday I was down there where I had forgotten my headphones at home. I ended up having to leave a little earlier than usual that day because the noise level was starting to become too much (my headphones are pretty good at blocking external noise, even though they were not advertised as such).

 on: April 11, 2019, 01:59:03 PM 
Started by KevinDDR - Last post by Limewirelord
I happened to be in Seattle for the past few days but forgot my earbuds in my hotel every single night including last night when I saw Vivid Wave sitting around.  Goddamn I forgot how loud the SDVX cabinets are.

 on: April 10, 2019, 09:11:51 PM 
Started by KevinDDR - Last post by Thunderbird
SDVX Vivid Wave has found its way here, for those who have been waiting.

 on: April 10, 2019, 07:07:03 AM 
Started by Dr.Z - Last post by BLueSS
Sounds like fun. I hope you have a good turnout. There seems to be so many people in the dance scene these almost reminds me of the early 2000's. I just wish there was a DDR A up north so I could be more involved.
Maybe we'll get the rumored D&B in Lynnwood some day... Smiley

Unfortunately I have other plans already on this day that can't be moved, so I'll be missing out. Sad

 on: April 08, 2019, 08:49:38 PM 
Started by Dr.Z - Last post by Suko
Sounds like fun. I hope you have a good turnout. There seems to be so many people in the dance scene these almost reminds me of the early 2000's. I just wish there was a DDR A up north so I could be more involved.

 on: April 08, 2019, 05:21:41 PM 
Started by Dr.Z - Last post by Dr.Z
Facebook event (link)

When: Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 11 AM – 4 PM
Where: Round1 Southcenter 2351 Southcenter Mall, Seattle, Washington 98188

Hey! I’ll be running another no-bar tournament this May for the first time in a while. This time around, let’s go even older and more outdated with the ruleset ~

Format: double-elimination, Singles, & all competitors play on x1/no-bar/no-background-filter
To ensure background settings are correct, both E-amusement cards that will be used will be provided.

Qualifier for seeding: ANY 14-footer no-bar on x1 on Ace
Send me a picture of your arcade score--not EX. There’s no way for me to verify your mods unless you happen to make a video of your submission, so we’ll just use the honor system. All other mods outside of no-bar/x1 are okay for qualifying. Submissions will be due the day before the tournament.

Higher Seed: gets the upfront choice of either picking their fav side or picking who selects their song first

Matches: best 2 out of 3 with players choosing songs and a random tie-breaker if necessary

Valid Song Choices: any Expert/Challenge song is valid, but you must pass your own choice and you cannot choose the same song multiple times in the tournament

Tie-Breaker: I will generate a 3-song card draw of 10s-16s and each player can veto one song; difficulty range will change during Finals


Scoring Style: TBD (arcade or EX score depending on poll)

Scoring Bonus: if you choose to play with the Flat noteskin, +300 arcade score or +10 EX score

Prizes: will be revealed for finalists (have humble expectations)

Entry Fee: none


Misc additional info/FAQ

What if I get pad misses? All pad stuff will be ignored unless issues become rampant; we will try to use the better of the 2 cabs; higher seed players may choose the side they think is better.

What if I fail my choice after an opponent fails first? You lose the song.

What if I accidentally grab the bar? Let go as soon as you can. If you’re obviously depending on the bar for more than an accidental moment, you lose the song.

Can we choose the 20th Anniversary songs/modes that have the old version themes? If both players agree, then sure.

Can we do this on a different weekend? If a different date works better for more people, maybe. There's also a chance we'll have to move the event from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon, depending on feedback from Round1 management.

No-bar 14s are too hard for me; should I bother qualifying? If you are interested in participating instead of just spectating, you should definitely attempt to no-bar a 14. Your qualifier submission will not need to be a passing score and you will have the next 1 ½ months to improve.

What happens if I don’t submit a qualifier score? You can still participate, but you’ll be automatically seeded in order of when you arrive at the tourney and below everyone who did make a submission.

 on: March 30, 2019, 04:27:29 PM 
Started by sfxazure - Last post by sfxazure
Stepcharts Made Horribly 5!
The Nest, Seattle
July 27, 2019. Starts at 11am sharp.
Entry Fee: $10 if you preregister, $15 at the door.

S.M.H. 5 is a Stepmania 5 tournament in Seattle with a ruleset inspired by various custom stepchart tournaments. Entrants can submit up to four songs that, once approved, comprise the tournament pack. The pack is frozen after a cutoff date, and the tournament is a (mostly) standard double-elim bracket played with the competitor-submitted pack.

Previous Events: S.M.H. | S.M.H. 2 | S.M.H. 3 | S.M.H. 4

What’s new:
  • In addition to charts submitted to previous Seattle tournaments, charts submitted to any previous U.P.S. or D.O.W.N.S. tournaments will not be accepted.
  • Entry fees are now $10 to preregister and $15 at the door. This puts S.M.H. in line with similar tournaments, increases the size of the prize pool, and helps us offset some of the costs of running the event.
  • Cabinet/pad specifics are still being figured out, but we'll be on reasonably recent versions of Stepmania 5 and Simply Love.
  • We’ll have at least one noteskin with proper lift support.
Otherwise, the tournament’s ruleset should be identical to S.M.H. 4’s.

The Rules

Phase One: Preregistration and Stepchart Submission
Ends June 8, 2019

Preregistration will begin immediately and will run until the end of Phase One. Attendees who preregister will pay a discounted rate ($10 instead of $15). I’ll be accepting payment through PayPal (https://PayPal.Me/bkz), Square Cash ($bkz), Google Wallet (PM me for my email address), in person, or by carrier pigeon.

The Sean Paul J Kim Registration Rule: I can't believe I have to include this, but don't attempt to preregister multiple times to submit more songs. One registration and one set of submissions per person.

You will have from today until the submission cutoff to submit up to four songs to be included in the tournament pack. Make sure to identify yourself by name when submitting. I’d prefer for you to create and submit new stepcharts, but any are fine as long as you had a substantial hand in their creation. Submitted songs/stepcharts will be rejected if they do not conform to the following rules:
  • The chart must be playable in 3:30 or less. This keeps the tournament moving and makes it so people don’t to have to pay more to practice “long song” charts on public machines.
  • Songs must be appropriate for play in public venues. Please avoid profanity or find some way to work around it (clean versions, comedic censoring, etc.) Any content deemed inappropriate for a public venue will be rejected.
  • Stepcharts must have at least 50 hittable arrows. While there might be ways to make an interesting chart with under 50 steps, it would increase the likelihood of ties and slow the tournament down.
  • The stepchart must be Expert difficulty. This is to ensure that we can use the machine’s built-in Random selector to pick tie-breakers. Submitted songs can have any number of stepcharts, but only the Expert chart can be picked during the tournament.
  • Charts that have been submitted to previous S.M.H. events or tournaments with similar formats (including U.P.S. and D.O.W.N.S.) can not be resubmitted. Make some original content! If you’re not sure what counts as “the same chart”, ask me.
  • Don't break the machine. Your simfile must not crash the machine, and you are not allowed to abuse lua to modify configuration settings that persist after the song is complete. (For example, you are not allowed to change settings via PREFSMAN) This is quite an extensive topic, so if you have any questions, please ask.
  • Don't be a pain in the ass. If your chart has a three-minute intro/outro without any notes, you are being a pain in the ass.  If your audio is excessively loud or uncomfortable to listen to, you are being a pain in the ass.  If you try to hide inappropriate content in your simfile, you are being a pain in the ass.  If you submit borderline-offensive content without PM'ing me first, you are being a pain in the ass.
  • Stepmania 5 Specific  As long as you don't do things that break the machine (see the rules above), you can use the following.
    • Allowed Notetypes:  Tap, Mine, Fake, Lift*
    • Allowed Segments:  Stops, Delays, Warps, Scroll Factor
    * While lifts are allowed, they are a noteskin dependent thing. We’ll have at least one noteskin that supports them, but most of the noteskins will probably render them as weird grey down arrows.
If a song is rejected for any reason, you may submit a replacement; cleaned-up versions of rejected submissions can be submitted, as well as completely different songs/charts.

As soon as a stepchart is accepted into the pack, it will be made available for download.

I can’t stop you from preregistering, submitting charts, and then not showing up. But you should totally come to this thing. It’ll be fun, I promise!

Phase Two: Practice
At this point, the pack is finalized and preregistration is CLOSED. After aggregating the finalized submission results, the pack will be released and installed on the machine at The Nest. At this point, songs will not be changed or removed from the pack.

Phase Three: TOURNAMENT!
July 27, 2019

This will be a double elimination event. Only songs from the SMH5 pack will be playable in this tournament.

Seeding:  Seeding is based on registration order.

Matches:  Both players play a game of rock paper scissors! Winner gets first choice of machine side or pick order, other choice goes to the loser. Each player will then pick one song of their choice to play against the other player.  Whoever gets the highest percentage (as calculated by the machine) on a given song wins that song. (You know how this works by now.) If both players are tied at the end of two songs, a third song will be chosen randomly from the S.M.H. 5 pack. If both players are still tied, keep picking random tiebreakers until the tie is broken.

Song Selection:  Each player may only use a song as their pick once over the course of the tournament. Either player may fail any song throughout all tournament rounds with no additional penalty - once you fail, your percentage is locked as your score.

Mod Selection: You may only pick mods that do not disqualify you. Turn mods are not allowed.

The Jonx Dank Strat Rule: You can't use any peripherals or humans as an aide while playing any of the charts.

 on: March 19, 2019, 08:53:45 PM 
Started by Suko - Last post by Suko
Ha! That's hilarious. I had no idea it existed either. There's so many of these whacky dance games out there that I'll likely never know.

But man, that dude dancing in the green shirt is great. I wonder if he's one of the devs.

 on: March 19, 2019, 10:13:44 AM 
Started by Suko - Last post by BLueSS
Anyone looking for a Stepping 3 Superior  (Superior Stepping 3?)  cabinet?  heh.  I didn't even know this was a thing.

Here's a youtube video of the FIRST EDITION of this series. I couldn't find a video of the 3rd edition in the auction.

 on: February 19, 2019, 06:40:33 PM 
Started by Suko - Last post by praganax
Hi how are you?
good I saw your old post on the ITG rebirth 3 issue because you will see with some colleagues we have planned to keep alive the itg franchise a few months ago I started with the idea of ​​keeping alive the itg to which two people joined me but not we have many songs I do not know if you like to contribute something or if you already have something advanced for the pack and then to know if we can contribute what little we have achieved so far I specialize mainly in the issue of the BGA multimedia edition and graphics of each song but I also think the steps then I do not know if you like it or if you can give us some advice to continue with the project and not die so quickly because we are completely alone and we have not had much time to edit everything at 100%

this is the list that we have already confirmed
Akatsuki no Hana - Cyntia
All My Love (Sagan Remix) - Cash Cash ft. Conor Maynard
Alone Tonight - Above & Beyond
Angel In The Night - Basshunter
Be My Cowboy - Jenny Rom
BingBong - Gigi D 'Agostino
Blood teller - Faylan
Blue Blaze - Faylan
Castle In The Sky - Ian Van Dahl
Delirium (T2Kazuya Remix) - Smiley
Ding Dong Song - Gunther
Fall In Love - Arozin Sabyh
Forever - Salvage Genius
Fotonovela (RMX) - Sofia Nino
Have A Good Time - Oscillator X
I Am Trying - Nevarakka
If I Could Fly (Jaytech Remix) - Above & Beyond Pres. Oceanlab
In the middle of the night - Lynn
Invisible - Andreas Viklund
kiss (airscape remix) - Vengaboys
Medusa - Airbase
Megitsune - Baby Metal
Planet Love - DJ Quicksilver
Pop / Star - KDA
Right Now (Jesse Bloch Bootleg Remix) - Akon
Safari - Dr. Bombay
Shalala lala - Vengaboys
Shooting Star - Owl City
Synchronicity - Wagakki Band
Untouched - The Veronicas
Violet Eyes - The Living Tomstone
You're My Heart, You're My Soul '98 [Radio Edit] - Modern Talking
Youtopia - Armin Van Buuren ft Owl City (adam young)
and we have another list of possible songs for the package
and are these:
51 - Curbi
Agarren Al Ladron (Nightcore Remix) - Sofia Nino
Air - Shiki
Alliance Break - Tekno dred
Atmosphere - Cosmonova
Baby Blue - Emoticon feat. Sonitus Vir
Break Free - Tekno Dred
Bring Me To Life - Rochelle
BRUH (Radio Edit) - Curbi x Mesto
Buggie Running Beeps - Keiichi Sugiyama
Cafe Del Mar - Energy52
Chains Of Pain - nekomata master +
Cosmos - lordfly
Disconnected Disaster - Dj Banzai
Disconnected Hazard - Inspector k rmx by DM Ashura
Disconnected -Trance- - Dj Banzai
Dream to Air - F777
Fairytales - Bambee
Forever and a Day (airbase remix) - Double N feat. Maria Blonde
Frozen in Black and Silver - Dimrain47
Holiday - Dj Antoine ft Akon
In The Hall Of The Mountain King - KaW
Orbion - Armin Van Buuren
Ouragan - Kelly G
Poco Loco - Carlito
Sleepless - Toby Emerson
Star Storm - Zeta Aspect
Stone Sky - Renard
Super Collider - Oscillator X
SuperNova - Cranky
Sweet Love - Liviu Hodor feat. mona
Symbolic Cryptex Mix - Dj Falcon
Tekno Rush - Tekno Dred
The Golds - Kors K
Trance Theory - Sanxion7
Waiting For The Night (Radio Edit) - Armin Van Buuren ft Fiora
Wherein We Lie - Zeta Aspect
WhiteBlue - ZTS
Willy Use A Billy Boy - E-Rotic
You Bring The Rain - Oscillator X

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