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August 28, 2010, 01:01:26 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

Hey all, I'm getting back into DDR after a 3-year casual play hiatus. Going to the DDR event in LA a few weeks ago definitely brought back some nostalgia, so I broke out 6th-extreme for the PS2 and figured I'd get back into the forums and socialize with other ddrfreaks.

I used to post on DDRInfinity back in the day and even met with some of the other members on a consistent basis in Portland. Anyone remember Avalon Wunderland's ddr scene? I was there for its 7th/Extreme phases.

I'm a Senior at the UO, but I find myself torn between Portland and Eugene when it comes to weekends. I think it would be pretty cool to find/start/join a little ddr posse in Eugene or Portland. Hit me up guys!

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