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December 14, 2010, 12:54:04 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

Portland's very own Eurobeat/Happy Hardcore/Anime label Disko Warp is proudly throwing the New Year's Eve bash at Mewcon! Come ring in the new year with us and an all star line up of electronic dance music by some of the NW's hardest working DJ's playing happy hardcore, j-core, anime, bassline and electro house!

Line Up:
Kid Kaboom (SEA)
Initial P (Disko Warp/Anime Love Hardcore/PDX)
Little Terror (Reactionary/Funshine/PDX)
Graz (Reactionary/Donut Nook/SEA)
GnarGnarKillKill (Reactionary/PDX)

And be sure to pick up a copy of Disko Warp's anime remix album "Anime Love Hardcore", available on CD and iTunes! Or grab a copy at the dance

This event is a part of Mewcon Manga & Exotic Worlds Convention in Portland, OR

When: December 31st, 9-PM to Huh
Where: Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel
8235 Northeast Airport Way
Portland, Oregon 97220

Free with con admission *OR* $5 for dance only!

Contact Pete at

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Drangus Kupcake
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Yes, we know your music has been featured in music games, but don't you think the general forums would be more fitting for BSPs?

Edit: Herp derp. This thread was the third from the top but almost 4 weeks old. I wish these forums were a bit more popular. Sad

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