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August 05, 2008, 08:08:28 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

All you Portland people who are planning on or interested in coming to Kumoricon (or not coming but want to get together) should come to Ground Kontrol on Tuesday, August 27th so we can make sure we're prepared to divide into teams such that we have at least 4 teams (the minimum I can run the tournament with) at the con.

I can be reached at  If you have my number feel free to share it with your friends who are interested or use it yourself to get in touch with me.

Peace out.

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Read August 05, 2008, 08:27:01 PM #1

What are the dates for the tournaments? Time, cost etc? This'd be a good place to post it.
Read August 06, 2008, 04:14:13 PM #2

It's currently $35 to pre-register for the entire con (sat, sun, mon).  If you just want to come for one day, I think it's $25 at the door for saturday or sunday, and we won't be having any DDR tournaments on monday unless one of my higher-ups decided to fuck me up.

The programming manager said she'd get me a rough draft of the schedule the night before last, but still hasn't; I'll let you know when everything's scheduled when I know. :/

Here's what I've requested:


Maniac (32 people)
estimated timeframe: 1~2 hours
Preferred time: Sunday night (immediately after Team tournament)
Trick (16 people)
estimated timeframe: 0.5~1.5 hours
Preferred time: Saturday night (immediately after Demon tournament)
Demon (8 people)
estimated timeframe: 0.5~1 hour
preferred time: Saturday afternoon
Team (24-56 people)
timeframe [exact]: 2 hours and 55 minutes
Preferred time: Sunday afternoon

Prizes requested from Kumoricon: Kumoricash for competitors, sponsor/vendor prizes, or partial reimbursement for DancingTofu


Guitar Hero Killer bracket (32 people)
estimated timeframe: 2~3 hours
preferred time: Sunday afternoon (before DDR team tournament)
Guitar Hero Wailer bracket (32 people)
estimated timeframe: 2~3 hours
preferred time: Sunday late morning (immediately before Killer tournament)
Rock Band: Battle of the Bands
timeframe [exact]: 2 hours
preferred time: Sunday night (after or during Maniac tournament)

Prizes requested from Kumoricon: Kumoricash for competitors or sponsor/vendor prizes


BeatMania IIDX (open)
attendee* organized and run; no prize
Pop'N Music (open)
attendee* organized and run; no prize
Pump It Up (8 or 16 people) [depending on machine availability and interest]
estimated timeframe: 1~3 hours
preferred time: Monday morning
attendee* organized and run; no prize

*certain attendees may organize music gaming tournaments using their own equipment or DancingTofu's equipment by getting permission from DancingTofu and THEN writing it into the schedule in a place that does not conflict with any scheduled Game Room Events.

I will have some people to help me run the rhythm gaming smoothly. I will retrieve their badge names and actual names once they are confirmed. I would like to have stickers I could put on their badges to designate that they are my little minions, but can make them myself if necessary. These are people who have been approved by me to operate all TV's, Computers, machines, controllers, and additional hardware or software related to music gaming.

If we are getting computers for LAN, I would like three to be available for StepMania with monitors between 22" and 30". The program would be run via flash memory or network, preferably by network. Comparatively mobile computers would be preferable.

CAMERAS: I don't want any media of the DDR. I've taken a lot of precautions to make sure I'm not trodding on Konami's intellectual property rights, but I could still get sued for using StepMania at the convention. As far as amateur cameras go, I would appreciate a sign requesting that anyone taking photographs or video of the area that has the DDR in it talk to me, so I can tell them what they can and cannot put up on youtube. Again, I've made this as legal as I can without purchasing a $7000 machine that's outdated and hardly functional. I don't want to get sued for donating hundreds of hours of time and thousands of dollars worth of equipment to this convention.

The DDR tournaments will all take about 1.6x longer than planned because I don't have the money to make 8 pads, and probably won't have 4 decent computers available either. (I have 3 people available to help me make them so yes, it's a matter of money ONLY)
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