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April 21, 2010, 02:37:04 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

So, every time I visit the AIJ forums I check out the marketplace thread for any loot I might need. Now, this has been bothering me for a while now, but wtf is with the 1000+ threads selling Puma Tapers? Seriously...I understand that certain shoes might help your game, or feel great on your feet, but what is it with the zealot-like religious support of these things? The moment you're paying cash for a USED pairs of a shoes, I just have to assume you're a hobo or freakin' nuts.

Has anyone on this forum used these shoes? If so, what the hell is so fantastic about them that people are willing to pay $100+ for used shoes?

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I've had some before they went ridiculously expensive.
Basically they're super light, super small, and very comfy. I can agree with everything people say about how great they are.

They allow for very fast movement because it's like wearing nothing at all, it allows for bracket raping because the shoes are very bendable.
Bascially the ITG community went nuts for these shoes and more or less bought out the remaining stock that Puma had hahaha.
They also allow for quick movement because they don't have the greatest grip in the world.

The only downside I find is that the heel support isn't as good as I'd like it to be.

That's why I prefer my New Balances to Tappers. I like bigger shoes because when I small step, I have confidence I'll still hit the arrow because my shoes are like clown shoes. That and I like having SUPER grip when I play.

I've noticed that the Seattle community in general wears New Balances over pumas. lol.
I need new shoes heels are so trashed on my shoes. At least they're signed by DJ Sharpnel.

I think paying over a $100 for shoes is just stupid in general. But some people are like that I guess

Keep in mind though that shoes do not make you a better player. Practice does. My point and case being that kevin Boddy does not wear them and he still rocks ITG and DDR senseless.

I tried wearing these shoes I've had for year but never wore a week ago. They're from REI, so they have great grip, but are thin like Tappers. I did not like wearing them at all. To light honestly, I need some weight on my feet when I play.

Wow look at me go, I'm such a ranter

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They're alright shoes for dancing games, a few good players decided they loved them, and now it's a fad.

A fucking fad.
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Use the shoes you like and play well in. dark-xuxa uses heavy-ass skate shoes and is a fucking champ. I use slightly less heavy shoes (Sketchers) cause that's what I'm used to. On top of that I can't wear Pumas because I can't take the goddamn insoles out. I would need to buy two sizes up from what I normally need.

So just go with what works. Like James says, Tapers are a fad. But you can't really blame people for thinking they're good when SO many of the best players in the country use them.
Happy Redneck
Read September 10, 2011, 05:05:31 AM #4

lol really? i google "puma tapers" and this is the very first result
Read September 10, 2011, 03:00:23 PM #5

Indeed. Tongue  I tried to optimize this site well for search engines.
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