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February 27, 2011, 04:50:04 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

I'm selling my Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Android.

  • TV & Movie Watching. Plays AVIs great, and has a built-in kick stand.
  • Book reading - Larger screen size compared to a phone.
  • Browsing Web via Opera Mobile
  • Listening to Music. It has a great audio decoder chip
  • Games (If you like Android's game selection)
  • Typing - Larger screen makes the on-screen keyboard very easy to use
  • Transferring Camera photos to on the road, then uploading/emailing out.
  • You can make phone calls via wifi (I've used SIP and Truvoice and both worked ok, some slight delays at times)

I'm selling it because I have too many devices and I don't use them all. This was bought for my honeymoon trip to Europe where it was a light backpacking companion. It was loaded with off-line maps and wikipedia info and served as a great mini-tour guide.
Not great for:
- GPS feature is pretty useless. It takes forever to find your location.
- Areas with poor wifi. It's a light device and doesn't have the best wifi reception at times.
COMES WITH Official $20 Faux-leather Sleeve Case/Cover
ALSO COMES WITH:  Battery Dock & TV Output Accessory & USB All-in-one dock
  • Extra battery life for extended mobility
  • Video out: RCA and S-Video. Play back videos on your TV
  • USB 2.0: transfer files from your computer
  • USB Host: transfer photos from your digital camera and files from other MSC devices
  • DC-in: charge your device
  • Package includes Battery Dock IMT, power charger (with international plugs), USB (miniB/A) cable, RCA and S-video cable
    Bought for $50

Basically, if you want a small book-reader/portable video and music device with the ability to surf the internet, this is a great device and a good price with the accessories.

$175 OBO
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