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July 28, 2011, 02:18:08 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

Just give it a few months and I'm sure it'll be beasting 16's.
Read July 29, 2011, 12:17:00 AM #1

I'll believe it's capable of passing 16s if they can make it capable of stepping without returning its feet to the center.
Read July 29, 2011, 03:33:16 AM #2

Just wait; it's only on BEGINNER mode so far just like any newbie Tongue
Read July 29, 2011, 04:06:34 PM #3

Pishaw, he can't even play with the bar!  I refuse to be impressed and I submit that all his scores don't really count.
Read July 29, 2011, 07:18:11 PM #4

It should at least hold the bar the right way!
Read December 27, 2011, 11:45:06 PM #5

Ok, the DDR Dance Pad and US PSX game combo arrived from ebgames today,
and I have to say that Konami is absolutely crazy for not putting this on
the shelf of every single fucking WalMart KMart and Target in the US.
In a country that is so hard up for fitness devices that millions of
people bought the _Thighmaster_, possibly the most ridiculous piece of
excercise equipment ever (ok, there was that slide/glide thing with the
little socks, that was also pretty fucking weird), this game/pad combo
could _sell_.
The box for the mat looks good, and the game is packaged right inside, so
the whole thing has a very professional feel to it - not shoddy at all.
The box has a nice weight to it - you feel like, yes, this is worth $60.
Then you set it up with the PSX (of which there are what, 80 million or so
installed), and you have an amazingly fun time getting a very good
workout.  I don't know of any other piece of excercise equipment that
matches the interactivity and just plain fun of DDR.
Why Konami chose to restrict it to _only_ preorders (at least thats the
ebgames story - probably true) is beyond me.  Don't they want to make
money?  This way only the converted have a chance to buy the combo.  If
you just bought the game for $30, would you have even the slightest clue
as to how good this game is with the Dance Pad?  I don't think so.
Read December 28, 2011, 12:06:27 PM #6

Alright, this guy has to be a bot, right? I mean, EB Games and preordering a PSX DDR game? People haven't mentioned either of those since the mid 2000's.

« Last Edit: December 28, 2011, 12:08:07 PM by Suko »
Read December 28, 2011, 07:48:02 PM #7

Just leave him.
He's not causing any trouble.
Read December 29, 2011, 02:12:11 AM #8

He does appear to be a human, but he also added 2 SEO Spam links in his signature which I edited out. We need to keep an eye on him.
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