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August 18, 2010, 04:30:54 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

I've been keeping an eye out for good condition retro DDR machines. This is one down in Cali apparently has the disc software (and marquee labels) for more than a couple mixes Ebay Link!

Maybe they've been tinkering with the insides a lot already, considering "I also can convert the machine into an In The Groove 2 or install a computer and run stepmania. If you have any questions call anytime my cell 209-628-5431."

The price they're requesting of $2500 doesn't seem at all unreasonable, but it's a shame one cannot simply drive down there in a day to check it out. If it really turned out to be operational and in great condition, I'd be willing to chip in toward co-buying it. Or maybe this sort of cabinet would interest Bill.

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Yeah, I noticed that the other day too. It's a shame, 'cause I used to live 1.5 hours from there. But, that doesn't do us much good now.

The guy knows his stuff and is probably a serious player. It wouldn't hurt to PM him on eBay and ask if he frequents any forums or could provide you with more info.

Unfortunately, transportation costs for these machines usually makes any deals you could get via eBay null-and-void. When you consider adding an extra $800 to the price tag just to get it to you, that sucks a lot of wind out of the "OMG I WANTZ" factor.

Btw, we have a bemani auctions thread here.
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Ah, I was looking for that thread, but couldn't locate it. Thanks.

I was considering about $500 for transportation, but 800 is quite significant..  Lips sealed
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