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July 27, 2010, 02:13:35 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

A friend on FB posted this interview she found with Jonas Steur, or as we know him, SilverTear. The interview is from 2006, but apparently the guy isn't a one-hit-wonder and has been on a few albums. It was an interesting read that I'm sure many of you would enjoy checking out.

His wiki page:

[regarding So Deep] did pretty well on some Japanese complaitions and even a playstation game for some strange reason,
I love how he refers to DDR as "a playstation game". If only the man knew how freakin' popular his song is amongst DDR nerds.

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It's unfortunate that he thinks so lowly of So Deep, when it's one of my favorite DDR songs ever musically. Although I guess obviously I always think of the Perfect Sphere Remix version the first when I do enjoy that a lot more than the original...
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Isn't this the original version?
Silvertear - So Deep

From what I knew, the DDR version is just a part in the middle of this song. From ~3:33 - 5:51 I believe. Am I wrong? Could someone post a link to the original SO DEEP if I'm mistaken.

Is this the real original mix, or just something a guy posted claiming to be the original mix?
So Deep (Orignal mix)

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If I remember, Perfect Sphere remix was only done for a dance mix where it was cut to fit the non-stop format.  The DDR cut is from that.

The original mix was a stand alone album song.
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