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January 22, 2010, 10:21:47 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

I was accidentally charged and shipped two Dell Zino HD computers when I only wanted to order one. Instead of paying Dell's %15 restocking fee and return shipping charges, I'm trying to sell this to someone local who might want it. This way, I can give them a discount and save me some cash in the process.

I'm not going to charge for tax, and this thing has been upgraded to Win 7 Home Premium to help it sell better (it originally had Vista Basic).

The cheapest unit you can get from Dell is $250 and that's not including tax or shipping. Also, that unit has a slower processor than the one I'm selling.

No lie, this thing has only been on long enough to install Win 7 and that's it. It really is an awesome deal, and I'm just trying to get most of my money back that Dell screwed me out of.

So, anyone interested? If so, check out the craigslist post below. It's got the stats and some generic pics in there for you to see. Oh, and if you can't tell from the images, this thing is reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaally tiny.

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