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April 16, 2007, 12:39:07 AM - ORIGINAL POST -


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In case anyone is wondering, no he did not hack the site or anything, I unbanned him so he would be able to make this post.

Zeppy and I talked on aim tonight for a good length, about just life, the forums, and stuff; and both of us do not have any hard feelings towards each other. The same goes with DancingTofu.

Due to Matt's request, his account will stay banned. Hopefully when he does return online in the future, he will be able to be an active part of the community.

Nothing in either of these posts is a joke, or to trick anyone. We both really mean it. :-)

If anyone has any issues with me, the site, or anything; I'm willing to work it out. This should prove that.  Tongue

Some current answers to current concerns:
Oregon will get a mod, and who knows, maybe some of the current rules might be relaxed a bit.
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