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October 22, 2009, 01:39:12 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

Location Ratings!  

At the top of every topic in the regional boards, there's a "Location Rating" Field to the left of the "Thread Tools"


Help give the locations a rating based on the following methodology:
1 - Everything SUCKS
2 - Machines need some work, major issues regarding arcade.
3 - Average Playable machines, average arcade environment.
4 - Machines in mostly good condition, small issues regarding arcade.
5 - Awesome Machine conditions, great location, minimal issues regarding arcade.

Arcades that receive high ratings will receive special treatment on the site.  Wink

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Read October 22, 2009, 04:49:26 PM #1

One other point to clarify:

You can change your ratings at a later time if conditions change!

The rating is an average of all the ratings given to the location, rounded to the nearest whole number.

So don't be afraid to put a rating in now. Cheesy  We need as many people as possible to rate the locations. The more people who rate, the more likely our ratings will be accurate. Even if a place has a rating, if you have not rated it - please do so.  Smiley

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Read February 13, 2010, 01:27:16 PM #2

Looking through scores for arcades, most only have 3, 4 people who have rated them.

Even if you agree with the score, PLEASE rate them with your own score so that we can better average the scores, and so that I can talk to the arcades and say "yeah, that's really your score" if I get to doing some other stuff...
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