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January 23, 2018, 10:11:59 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

Join us on Discord's PNWBemani channel!

This is basically a "facebook group meets IRC" type app or "slack for gamers" if either of those helps explain what it is.

So in my last visit to Round1 this part Saturday, I saw SO MANY people who I'm sure have never visited here. Many of them were younger, and may not even search for "forums".

Back before Facebook, those of us who are older know all of the community discussions for things we liked happened in various forums over the internet. The activity level on this site has dropped a lot in the past year, and it's not terribly shocking as it has been trending that way for a while.

Mobile phones are now our primary communication devices, and forums slowly adapted to mobile format and can be difficult to use even today. With the rise of Facebook and their groups feature, it seems many communities migrated over to the social media behemoth.

What are the kids these days using to chat? Do they even care about chatting about music games with other people? I'm not on FB so I can't check - are all the conversations happening there?

It's kinda depressing to think that culture might be gone, or not known by future generations due to mobile devices and how certain social networks limit communications only to people we already know...

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Read January 23, 2018, 03:51:34 PM #1

Maybe we could make a slack or discord channel for PNWBemani?
Read January 23, 2018, 05:31:12 PM #2

I have no idea where people chat about music games these days.  I miss knowing where to go when I have questions about a game that can't easily be solved with Google.
Read January 23, 2018, 05:58:47 PM #3

I'd join a Discord channel. Don't know what Slack is though.

I should note that Tapatalk has been busted for me for some time here (doesn't display topics within forums). Don't know if fixing that would make much of a difference though.
Read January 23, 2018, 08:36:03 PM #4

Discord is the "slack for gamers." They are pretty much the same thing. Slack was more geared towards business use, and Discord copied the idea for gamers.

Thunderbird, I also have the same Tapatalk error of topics not displaying within the forums. Do you use Tapatalk for other forums? I'm not sure how much work it'll be to fix it, but I might be up for taking a stab at it.

I just created a Discord to try it out.

This is basically a "facebook group meets IRC" type app or "slack for gamers" if either of those helps explain what it is.

I created two channels
#general - random chat about anything
#at-the-arcade - for arcade chat, such as meet ups, arcade updates (when Round1 gets a new game or something)

I'm open to anything that's a new alternative that isn't tied to Facebook or Google. Smiley
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