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February 25, 2007, 10:58:35 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

I figure that there might be reasonable grounds for starting another forum dedicated for this purpose.  We currently have four different upcoming events cluttering the top of the Off Topic forum, and fairly recently the air hockey tournament, and the Denny's gathering.  Also pending is Kevin's console IIDX tournament, and possibly other BYOBs.  Instead of having the events be scattered all over the board, why not have them in one forum?  People probably aren't going to go to the off-topic forum expecting to find events, and some people might miss out altogether on the meets because they don't like random chat.

Another good reason to do this: We had this on the Global BBS. Cheesy

A little off-topic: The fact that we need a meetings forum is a very good sign of our growth since ITGFreak. <3
Read February 25, 2007, 01:47:18 PM #1

I miss out because my youth is too great. =(

My mom's so Paranoid, she probably wouldn't even let me go to a get-together locally, let alone in Seattle.  Oh well, it's just a matter of 698 more days 'til I'm 18. ;P
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