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February 23, 2010, 09:52:30 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

John, I remember years ago someone made a map showing all the local players and arcade locations for In the Groove in the Pacific NorthWest. I think it'd be an awesome idea for you to do a similar map with the location of all members and arcade locations from this site on it.

I know Frappr is might not be the latest and greatest system to use, but perhaps there's a similar site you could use? The arcade locations could be linked to the arcade threads on this site. This would direct people who found the map to our forums and give existing members a visual idea of who is near them and what places there are to play at.

Give it a thought, I think it'd be a neat feature.

Here's the URL to the old map, if you're interested;
Read February 23, 2010, 11:20:15 AM #1

The PNW wiki can integrate Google Maps to do the same thing, and Cynic and I started working on a system a long time ago to do something like this, but abandoned it at the time due to other sites having more complete databases.

This is actually something I want to implement once again (although maybe not with player's locations, but just arcades), and it will come shortly after the [final] site redesign. Smiley
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