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November 04, 2009, 01:43:39 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

Ok, while Power Play has nice machines, it's NOT cheap to play air hockey.
$2 - a game (unless you buy bulk points)
Acme is $0.75 (unless that changed)

The goal of this tournament is to raise money for a new Facebook Connect feature on the site
You will then be able to:
- Connect your profile with your facebook account, login via FB connect (and if you're in Facebook it should auto-log you in.
- Send notifications to your FB instead of your email
- Fun stuff like that Cheesy

Does this this Saturday 11/7 @ Acme work for interested parties?

The cost of this feature is $20 - so the entry fee ($20) will be split among entrants - so if 5 people play, their individual fee is $4.

Round robin tournament, and we also pay for our own games, above the entry fee.

I've also added a site feature for "awards" in the user profile posting square (where it shows your name, avatar, etc) and have added a "Donor" award for anyone who participates. If you want the donor badge but cannot make the tournament, you can paypal me the same amount as what the air hockey tournament participants paid. Smiley
Awards will also be used for DDR/Air Hockey tournament winners, and I'm thinking up how best to do that...

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I'm down!
Read November 06, 2009, 04:37:53 PM #2

So far it's just Laura and I for sure... event postponed and will probably morph into something else. Stay Tuned!
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