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July 03, 2008, 10:25:24 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

I'm going to be operating pretty much all of the music gaming for Kumoricon 2008.  Here's what we'll definitely have:

1. 4 DDR tournaments: Standard, Heavy, Expert, and Team.  Details for all of those should be up shortly.
2. 2 Guitar Hero 3 tournaments: Hard and Expert.
3. a Rock Band "Battle of the Bands", with judges.

Games available for free play throughout the convention:
Guitar Hero (all versions)
Rock Band
DDR* (will be run through StepMania so everything's universal and we don't waste time swapping discs, but we'll be using songs and charts from the US and Japanese PS2 games we'll have there and I'll rig up my cabinets so that you can use them with a PS2 if someone from Konami shows up and threatens suit.)

I've asked our Director of Programming to talk to Kyle Ward about Pump Pro, and I've asked a few people to bring JPS2's and Pop'n, IIDX, and PPP games.  I've also requested that one of our con JPS2's be available to people wishing to play those games.

This should be a great year for Kumoricon's rhythm gaming if some of you dudes come along.  I'd love to see you there!

PS, the DDR team tournament will have a total prize value of about $2500.  More if I can get some of the sponsorships I'm after.  Just lettin' you know.

EDIT: Apparently, there's been some confusion.  There is no cash prize; all the prizes will be stuff I make or stuff from sponsors.  If you're looking for a cash prize, I intend to run a standalone tournament event in late October if I'm faring well in the world, so consider keeping your calendar open around then.

EDIT2: Those wishing to run additional tournaments may do so, but should plan on providing the system, controllers, and games and will not be guaranteed any prizes.

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Read July 03, 2008, 12:15:07 PM #1

if kidwhatever gets his booth issues sorted out (diskowarp records), you should connect with him and say hello.  he's one of the old school DDR players from oregon and had some of his music in ITG and has some of his music in new DDR.
Read July 03, 2008, 02:03:26 PM #2

Expert = ITG?
Read July 03, 2008, 06:17:12 PM #3

Out of respect for what you're trying to do here I will be attending. I still have PPP and Pop'n stuff if your other sources don't work out.
Read July 04, 2008, 02:11:42 AM #4

Out of respect for what you're trying to do here I will be attending. I still have PPP and Pop'n stuff if your other sources don't work out.
Great!  If you do happen to bring stuff in, you can just check it in at the front desk, and the Yojimbo (security) and game room staff will keep it safe. (I didn't realise that until my third con; I kept it under a table right in front of me the whole time and took it with me wherever I went.  That was such a pain. Tongue

Ethan, Expert, in this case, is ITG-expert.  It's basically a tournament for everyone better than me.  In fact, that's exactly what it is, since the initial qualifier is to beat me on any song. (I don't want to sort through a bunch of weeaboos who can't pass Max 300 who think they can stand a chance against the real crowd that tournament's aimed towards.  The play level will be kept in the 9-11 range, peaking with 12's, and 13's if everyone's chill with it. (I probably won't have any 14's though unless I pick up some licenses.)

Now for the HUGE cross-post:

NOTE: I am now organising ALL music games for the time being.  Since I don't play a lot of Harmonix games, I appreciate all input.  I also appreciate input regarding how I can better run Pop'N music, IIDX, and ParaParaParadise.

NOTICE (DDR TEAM and BATTLE OF THE BANDS): Bands and Teams should make an effort to plan heavily for these events.  A game room schedule will be made available as soon as possible for planning convenience.  Bands MUST consist of all 4 positions (a person may play an instrument as well as vocals if necessary), Teams MUST meet the requirement of at least 3 players, 1 of which must fit appropriately into the "Trick" bracket, once of which must fit appropriately into the "Maniac" bracket, and one of which must be able to play at a difficulty level of at least 11 "feet" ("Demon" bracket).
Online pre-registration for these events may be made available.

STAFF/VOLUNTEER NOTICE: I need an AM DJ (6am to 1pm), and Afternoon DJ (1am to 8pm), and a PM DJ (8pm to close) for Saturday and Sunday and a Monday DJ for all day Monday.  If you want to do this, please make sure you register as staff or volunteer, attend programming and general meetings, and contact both DancingTofu and Jamiche personally.  The job consists of watching people play rock band while sitting at a desk, so it's not a high-stress job, you just need to be THERE and AWAKE and there needs to be an apparent LINE.  It is recommended that this person have some unofficial assistants to help them out.  A Yojimbo may be available at times to assist with crowd control.

THE FOLLOWING GAMES will be available for free play throughout the convention:
Verified Games:
DDR/ITG - US Home Versions for PS2 and PS1 with pads (check-out)
DDR/ITG - StepMania, using songs and charts present on games owned by or lent to the operator or liscensed for semi-commercial use by the operator.
BeatMania - US Home Version for PS2 with controllers. (check-out)
Rock Band - For either XBox 360 or PS3, operated by a staff member
Guitar Hero - versions unknown; if you want to be sure a certain version is there, bring in your own copy and check it in with our staff.

Unverified games:
BeatMania II DX - Japanese Home Versions for PS2 with controllers. (check-out)
Pop'n Music - Japanese Home Versions for PS2 with controller. (check-out)
Dance ManiaX: Revival TOFU (DMXRTOFU) - Through StepMania using songs from DDR, DMX, PPP, IIDX, DM/GF, ITG, PIU, and Licenses; using charts from DMX, DDR, and Custom made.
Pump It Up or Pump It Up: PRO (Arcade cabinet)
Guitar Freaks
Drum Mania
other rhythm games

The following tournaments will be held, assuming enough people sign up for each one (these tournaments do not cost anything to enter, but you have a con membership for 2008):
Prizes not provided by the Convention are donations from other sources.  The Convention is in no way associated with the donors due to any donation for prizes, nor is the Convention responsible for the content of any prizes.  If a donated prize involves pirated or stolen software or hardware, it will be rejected.  Those donating prizes will be credited personally and/or as a business entity.  Those wishing to donate with the intent of advertising should contact our Director of Relations at

Details regarding Modified Hardware and Firmware will be added when available.

DDR "Trick" (Standard/Difficult play level) Tournament (Difficulty set 4-8):
-Run by DancingTofu
-Double Elimination
-16 or 32 person bracket
-StepMania, using all songs on all versions of DDR and ITG I own, as well as any additional liscenses I acquire.
-Expected 3 or 6 hours of cumulative play time. (Should take about an hour with 4 or 5 stations set up with DDR)
-3 songs per match.
-Best 2/3.
-Prize TBA.
-Registration minimum: 12

DDR "Maniac" (Heavy/Expert/Oni/Challenge play level) Tournament (Difficulty set 7-11):
-Run by DancingTofu
-Double Elimination
-16 or 32 person bracket
-StepMania, using all songs on all versions of DDR and ITG I own, as well as any additional liscenses I acquire.
-Expected 3 to 6 hours of cumulative play time. (Should take about an hour with 4 or 5 stations set up with DDR)
-3 songs per match.
-Best 2/3.
-Prize TBA.
-Registration minimum: 16

DDR "DEMON" (Heavy/Expert/Oni/Challenge play level) Tournament (Skill set open):
-Run by DancingTofu
-Point-based elimination (2 first two rounds, 1 each round following)
-First Qualifier: choice, played vs. DancingTofu.
-Second Qualifier: pre-set, best 8 qualify.
-StepMania, using all songs on all versions of DDR and ITG I own, as well as any additional liscenses I acquire.
-Expected 3 to 4 hours of cumulative play time. (Should take about an hour with 4 stations set up with DDR)
-5 songs per round, players' choice. (playing with near seed until round 3, then playing single)
-Prize TBA.
-Registration minimum: 6

DDR Team Tournament (Difficulty set mixed Trick, Maniac, Demon):
-Run by DancingTofu
-8 teams
-3 to 7 individuals per team (1-3 Maniac, 1-3 Trick, 1 Demon)
-5 songs per match (1 Maniac, 1 Trick, 1 Maniac, 1 Trick, 1 Demon)
-Point accumulation determines winning teams.
-Timeframe: 2 hours 45 minutes (2 intermissions)
-1st place gets a StepMania Cabinet w/o hardware. (market value: $3,000) (AKA a fancy box with a TV in it)
-1st and 2nd each get a water cooler for the team. ($300 at $150 each)
-1st, 2nd, and 3rd place each get a pair of lightweight, storable, modable, portablem, hardwood and steel DDR pads. (market value: $720 at $120 each)
-1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place each recieve 20oz durable polycarbonate water bottles for the whole team! ($40 at $2 each) (note: these may just be empty, cleaned VISO bottles if I can't find good water bottles for that price)
-Registration minimum: 6 teams (18 people)

Guitar Hero "Wailer" Tournament (Hard play level)
-Run by DancingTofu
-Double Elimination
-16 or 32 person bracket
-Guitar Hero III, details regarding download songs TBA
-Expected 2 to 5 hours of cumulative play time. (should take 1-3 hours with two stations)
-1 song per match
-Prize TBA.
-Registration minimum: 16

Guitar Hero "Killer" Tournament (Expert play level)
-Run by DancingTofu
-Double Elimination
-16 or 32 person bracket
-Guitar Hero III, details regarding download songs TBA
-Expected 2 to 5 hours of cumulative play time. (should take 1-3 hours with two stations)
-1 song per match
-Prize TBA.
-Registration minimum: 16

Rock Band "Battle of the Bands"
-Run by DancingTofu
-Judged by: BoogiePop (unconfirmed), Kurosakiichigo666 (unconfirmed), and [TBA]
-15-minute time brackets, judged
-Maximum 12 bands
-Must perform a qualifier BEFORE the tournament is schedule to begin.
-3 hours
-Prizes TBA

NOTE: Rules to be posted
Rules can be found for ALL tournaments in the next post by DancingTofu below this one.  These are COMPLETE rules.  These rules will be posted no later than 07/01/08 for ALL DDR, 07/06/08 for ROCK BAND, and 07/13/08 for ALL GUITAR HERO.

timeframe for MANIAC DDR Tournament: 2:30 (1:45-4:15 mathematically)
timeframe for TRICK DDR Tournament: 2:00 (1:00-3:45 mathematically)
timeframe for DEMON DDR Tournament: 1:30 (1:00-2:00 mathematically)

-Added note regarding modifications.
-Added note regarding topic relevance.
-Added note regarding prizes.
-Added free play list.
-Changed "Oni" to "Demon".

UPDATES - 4/18
-Games added.
-Tournament Operator added.
-Note regarding Modified Hardware/Firmware added.

-Guitar Hero and Rock Band added
-Prizes announced for DDR Team Tournament
-DancingTofu is a pretty cool guy
-Staff/Volunteer Notice posted
-Timeframe for DDR Team Tournament announced
-Match style for Team Tournament re-listed as "TBA".
-Notice to those considering Battle of the Bands and DDR Team Tournament posted.
-Timeframes for DDR Maniac, Trick, and Demon tournaments calculated and announced.
-NOTE: Rules added

In order to Pre-register for a team or band for the DDR Team Tournament or Rock Band Battle of the Bands, you must email me ( ) the following:

This does not fully commit you to the tournament, but it does save you a spot in case these tournaments fill up.  All band members must be able to play at Expert level.  Team/Band names should be appealing.

Quote from: ddr
Please add an * next to the name of any person who has PRE-REGISTERED

Quote from: Rock Band
Please add an * next to the name of any person who has PRE-REGISTERED

DDR Rulez

A. Sign-Up
 1. A laptop computer will be set up with all the necessary files open.  It will say "KUMORICON 2008 DDR TOURNAMENT SIGN-UP" in big, visible letters.
 2. When you sign up, do NOT close anything.  Follow all instructions.
 3. Fill in all applicable fields.  If you wish to sign up before playing the qualifier, you may, but if you have not played a qualifier by the time we call names for the tournament, you might not qualify!
 4. Once you have finished signing up, please go to the open MSPaint image tab press CNRL+F (View -> View Bitmap) to make the image full screen for the next person.
 5. There will be a physical sign up sheet for each tournament.

B. QUALIFIERS (Trick, Maniac, Demon)
 1. There will be between 5 and 10 qualifiers for each tournament.
 2. Competitors may play any qualifier any number of times, and update their scores as needed.
 3. Qualifiers should be reported as a number, as follows:
I. Number of Combo Breakers (Miss, Boo, Good) for TRICK.
II. Number of Non-Perfects (Miss, Boo, Good, Great, NG) for MANIAC and DEMON.  The number of Freezes will be listed for each song in the sign-up file so you can calculate NG's.
 4. If you play a qualifier for multiple tournaments, you will be called for the tournament where you seed highest.
 5. Certain qualifier scores may overqualify or underqualify a player.  Please familiarise yourself with the listed "peak" levels and register appropriately.

 1. All convention and hotel policies will be maintained during the tournament.
 2. Players are to remain present until the tournament has concluded or forfeit their placement.
I. After being disqualified, a player may notify Dancing Tofu that they are leaving and do so.
II. If a player needs to get a drink, use the restroom, take a call, etc., and hasn't yet been disqualified, he or she may notify DancingTofu, who will inform them of how long they have before their next match, and postpone that match if possible.
III. Players may have substitutes, but substitutes must be approved by DancingTofu no less than 25 minutes before the tournament is called.
 a. In the team tournament, players may take breaks, but there must be at least 1 Trick player and 1 Maniac player available from each team at ALL TIMES.
 3. Players are to arrive for each tournament at least 5 minutes before the tournament start and check in.
 4. Sportsmanship is to be maintained loosely.  Significant booing will result in removal from the tournament area or disqualification.  Name calling should be kept to an absolute minimum.
 5. Spectators are welcome at all times, but should refrain from conversation during songs within 10 feet of the machine.
 6. Only players and operators may be in the 10'x10' designated machine area during song selection, mod selection, and gameplay.

 1. TRICK and MANIAC will be played DOUBLE ELIMINATION.  A player must win 2 song in a match to progress.  This number may increase during the finals and semifinals.
 2. TEAM and DEMON will be played quasi-round robin in sets of 4.
 3. Players may chose any song and chart immediately available.
 4. All mods will be allowed except for those that modify the chart itself and cMods.
 5. Use of the bar is allowed at all times.
 6. The TRICK tournament will be played with FREEZES OFF.
 7. Higher seed selects first song, lower seed selects second.  In the case of a tie-breaker, a song will be randomly selected.
I. except in the team tournament.
II. In the case that a song exceeds the MINIMUM PEAK, it must be played at a lower difficulty level.
 8. Unless otherwise noted, 4 machines will be outfitted with StepMania v3.1 to streamline the tournaments, so that there isn't any time wasted with load times or disc swapping.

 1. Peaks are the highest level of difficulty where a player can pass most songs.
I. For 10's and above, certain DDR songs will be re-rated for this purpose.
 2. Play bracket is the bracket in which most songs should be played.
 3. Play brackets and peaks are as follows:
I. TRICK: 4-6 play bracket, 6-9 peak
II. MANIAC: 6-9 play bracket, 9-12 peak
III. DEMON: 9-11 play bracket, 11+ peak
 4. Teams must consist of 1-3 people from each bracket.  Up to 7 total players.  Only 1 person from the DEMON bracket.
I. A MANIAC player who peaks at 11's may substitute as a DEMON player.
Read July 18, 2008, 08:15:18 PM #5

I think I'm definitely down for showing up to Kumoricon knowing that this will be there.  I might look for some people to do team.
Read July 19, 2008, 11:36:42 PM #6

 ... What time / day should I show up?
Read July 20, 2008, 12:17:49 AM #7

I've requested Saturday for the Demon and Trick brackets and Sunday for the Maniac and Team.  The schedule should be available to me soon, so I can let people know for sure then, but figure either Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

EDIT: So, I figure I should let people know that my funding right now is zip; I'm relying on money coming from PSP modding and painting my grandparents' house to fund this, 'cause it seems nobody wants DDR pads any more, so the team tournament prizes may have to be scaled down if I don't get all the sponsors I'm looking for.

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Read July 21, 2008, 04:53:40 PM #8

I would totally take a ddr pad.. too bad I can't make it on Sunday =/
Read July 27, 2008, 11:19:06 PM #9

So, I'm hopefully going to know the exact schedule really soon.  If not, I'll be prepared to bust some balls.

EDIT: Using mDawg's ITG2 build instead of regular StepMania.  Current songlist is 726 songs.

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Read August 07, 2008, 12:30:27 AM #10

So I figure this is important; I finally got to see the rough draft of the schedule, and we got FUCKED.  3 hours for all DDR.  I'm trying to get this expanded to 12 hours, but if it doesn't happen, there will be no DDR tournaments at Kumoricon; I'm going to talk to Ground Kontrol about holding a series of tournaments there some time (I've talked to Art about this already; I'd be setting up 2 StepMania machines and 4 pads on the stage) in September or October.  Because some people have already made plans to come to Kumoricon for these tournaments, people will be able to register on a team as well as any of the 1v1 brackets free with their Kumoricon 2008 badge in hand.  Otherwise, it will be $10 for any of the 1v1 or $50 per team/$10 per player.

If we can't get the space courtesy of GK, it'll cost me an additional $250 and I'll be about $900 in the hole from all this, so I'll be banking on people coming and saying "wow, I love these pads/cabinets; can I buy one?"  I'll also be banking on a shitton of people coming.

Hopefully we can get it worked out with Kumoricon, but if not, I really want to keep you all as in-the-know as I can.

Got a response from the Programming Manager; I'm trying to get the Music Gaming run on a separate schedule from the Console Gaming.

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Read August 13, 2008, 11:32:23 PM #11

I finally got around to getting all the official DDR songs I have typed out.  This is a current, but not final mix.  I'm going to look for a few other songs individually, like The Shining Polaris, and Un Deux Trois, and if you notice than any of YOUR favourite official DDR songs aren't on this list.  This is less than half of all the official songs in existence (566/1200+)

20, November
20, November (club 2P)
20, November (DDR)
22 Dunk
22 Dunk (Club Another)
321 Stars
A little bit of Ecstasy
A Love Like This
A Minute
A Thing Called Love
Across the Nightmare
Afronova (Nonstop Megamix)
Afronova Primeval
After the Game of Love
Against all Odds
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
AM-3P (303 Bassmix)
AM-3P (AM East Mix)
AM-3P (Chaos)
Aoi Shoudou
Aromdaon 21C
As the Rush Comes
B4U (b4 za beat)
B4U (Voltage)
B4U Glorious Style
Ba Kkwo
Baby Baby Gimme Your Love
Baby Love Me
Baby's Tears
Bad Girls
Bad Routine
Battle Without Honor or Humanity
Be in my Paradise
Be Lovin
Be Together
Beautiful Life
Been so Long
Beginning of Life
Blind Justice
Block Rockin' Beats
Bloody Tears
Boom Boom Dollar
Boom Boom Dollar (K.O.G G3)
Boys (Euro)
Break Down!
Brilliant 2U
Brilliant 2U (Club)
Brilliant 2U (K.O.G. G3)
Brilliant 2U (Orchestra Groove)
Brilliant 2U (Stream)
Broken my Heart
Bu Dam
Bumble Bee
Burn Baby Burn
Burnin' the Floor
Burnin' The Floor (Blue Fire)
Burnin' The Floor (Momo)
Burning Heat
Busy Child
Butterfly (Upswing)
Bye Bye Baby Balloon
Can't Stop Fallin' in Love (Speed)
Can't Stop Falling In Love (Super Euro)
Candy *
Candy <3
Captain Jack
Captivate ~Chikai~
Cartoon Heroes (Speedy)
Celebrate Nite (Euro Trance)
Chotto Kiitena
Cow Girl
Crazy in Love
Cutie Chaser
Cutie Chaser (Morning Mix)
D2R (Freeze)
Da Capo
Dam Dariram
Dam Dariram (KCP)
Dance Dance Revolution
Dancing All Alone
Dark Black Forest
Days Go By
Dead End
Dead End (Groove Radar)
Deep Clear Eyes
Deep Clear Eyes (Club Another)
Deep in You
Destiny Lovers
Dive (More Deep & Deeper Style)
Dive to the Night
Diving Money
Do it all Night
Do it Right
Do it Right (Harmonized 2step)
Do you love me
Do you Remember Me
Don't Stop!
Dr. Love
Dragon Blade
Dream a Dream
Dream of Love
Drifting Away
Drop Out (Nonstop Megamix)
Drop the Bomb
Drop the Bomb (SysSF)
Dynamite Rave
Dynamite Rave (Air)
Dynamite Rave (B4 za beat)
Dynamite Rave (Down Bird Sota)
Dynamite Rave (Long Version)
Dynamite Rave (Super Euro)
Eat you Up
Ecstasy (Midnight Blue)
El Ritmo Tropical
Electro Tuned
End of the Century
Ever Snow
Every Day, Every Night
Exotic Ethnic
Fantasy (Lockout)
Fantasy (Melissa)
Fascination (Eternal Love Mix)
Fascination MaxX
Feeling of Love
Feels Just Like it Should
Flash in the Night
Flow (True)
Fly Away
Follow Me
Follow the Sun
Forever Sunshine
Freeway Shuffle
Frozen Ray
Furuhata's Theme
Gamelan de Couple
Gamyunwi Shigan
Gekkou Chou
Genie in a Bottle
Genital Stress
Genital Stress (AMD Sexual Mix)
Genital Stress (Sensual Mix)
Genom Screams
Get Busy
Get Down Tonight
Get Me In Your Sight (AMD Cancun)
Get Up
Get Up And Dance
Get Up'N Move
Gimme Gimme
Gimme Gimme Gimme
Girigili Monzen Jakura
Girl In a Daydream
Give Me Up
Golden Sky
Gradius Cyber
Gradius Cyber (AMD G5)
Gradius Cyber (Club Another)
Groove 2001
Gyoung Go
Hana Ranman (Flowers)
Happy Angel
Happy Wedding
Have You Never Been Mellow
Have You Never Been Mellow (MM Groovin')
Healing Vision
Healing Vision (Angelic Mix)
Heaven is a '57 Metallic Gray
Hero (Happy Grandale)
Hero (KCP Discotique)
Higher (Next Morning Mix)
Highs off U
Hold on me
Honey Punch
Hot Limit
Hunting For You
Hyper Eurobeat
Hypnotic Crisis
Hysteria 2001
I Believe in Miracles
I Do I Do I Do
I Feel...
I like to Move It
I need you
I was the One
I will survive
I'll Make Love to You
I'm for Real
I'm Gonna Get You!
I'm In the Mood for Dancing
If you can Say Goodbye
If you Were Here
If You Were Here (B4 Za Beat)
In the Heat of the Night
In the Navy '99
Injection of Love (Hina)
Innocence of Silence
Inside your Heart
Into the World
It only takes a Minute
It's Raining Men
Jam and Marmalade
Jam Jam Reggae
Jerk it Out
Jet World
Jupiter the Bringer of Jollity
Justify my Love
Keep on Liftin'
Keep on Movin'
Keep on Movin' (Club Version)
Kick the Can
Kind Lady
Kiss Kiss Kiss
Kiss Me All Night Long
Konoko no nanatsu no oiwaini
Kung Fu Fighting
L'amour et la Liberte
L'amour et la Liberte (Darwin & DJ Silver)
La Bamba
La Bamba
La Copa de la Vida
La Senorita
La Senorita Virtual
Last Message
Leading Cyber
Let the Beat Hit Em!
Let them Move
Let's Get Down
Let's Groove
Let's Talk it Over
Little Bitch
Little Boy
Living in America
Logical Dash
Long Train Runnin'
Long Train Runnin'
Look at Us
Look to the Sky
Look to the Sky (True Color)
Love <3 Shine
Love <3 Sugar
Love Again Tonight
Love at First Sight
Love at First Sight (Twin Masterplan)
Love is Orange
Love so Groovy
Love So Groovy (Club 2P)
Lovin' You
Lupin the 3rd
Luv to Me (AMD)
Luv to Me (Disco)
Macho Gang
Magic Door (Mahou no tobira [supeesu mako no teemu])
Make a Difference
Make a Jam!
Make it Better
Make your Move
Mars War 3
Matsuri Japan
Matsuri Japan (Nonstop Megamix)
Max 300
Maximum Overdrive
MaxX Unlimited
Me Against the Music
Melt in My Arms
Midnite Blaze
Mikeneko Rock
Miracle Moon
Modern Girl
Mondo Street
Moonlight Shadow
More Deep
More Than I Needed to Know
Morning Glory
Movin' On
Mr. Dabada
Mr. T. (Take me Higher)
Mr. Wonderful
Murmur Twins
Music in Rhythm
My Favourite Things
My Fire
My Generation
My My My
My Only Shining Star
My Summer Love
My Summer Love (Tommy's Smile)
My Sweet Darlin'
Never Ending Story
Never Gonna Let you Down
Never Gonna Make
Night in Motion
No Limit
No. 13
Nori Nori Nori
Nothing Gonna Stop
Odoru Ponpokolin
Oh Nick Please not so Quick
On the Jazz
One Two
Only You
Oops!  I did it Again
Oops!  I did it again (fired up)
Ordinary World
Orion.78 (Ameuro)
Orion.78 (Civ Mix)
Overdoser (Club 2P)
Paranoia (Hades)
Paranoia Eternal
Paranoia Kcet
Paranoia Max (Club)
Paranoia Max (Dirty in Roulette)
Paranoia Max (Dirty)
Paranoia Rebirth
Paranoia Survivor
Paranoia Survivor Max
Passion of Love
Peace (^^)v
Peace Out
Perfect Free
Petit Love
Pink Dinosaur
Pink Rose
Play That Funky Music
Pluto Relinquish
Polovtovesian Dances and Chorus
Prince on a Star
Pump Up the Volume
Put your Faith in Me
Put your Faith in Me (Jazzy Groove)
Queen's Jamaica
Quick Master
R3 (Club Another)
Radical Faith
Rain of Sorrow
Rainbow Rainbow
Raspberry Heart (English)
Remember You
Rhythm and Police (K.O.G G3)
Right Now
Rock Beat
Romance no Kamisama
Rugged Ash
Saint Goes Marching
Sana Morrete ne Ente
Saturday Night Love
Secret Rendezvous
Sexy Planet (Nonstop Megamix)
Shades of Grey
Shake your Booty
Share My Love
Shooting Star
Silent Hill
Silent Hill (3rd Christmas)
Ska a Go Go
Ska a Go Go (Club Another)
Ska Ska No. 3
Sky High
So Deep
So Fabulous so Fierce
So In Love
So Many Men
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Sp-Trip Machine
Special Energy
Special Energy (Club Another)
Speed over Beethoven
Spin Spin Sugar
Spin the Disc
Star Gate Heaven
Star Gate Heaven (Future Love Mix)
Stars re-tuned by Hal
Stay (Organic House)
Still in my Heart
Still in my Heart (Momo)
Stomp to my Beat
Strictly Business
Sung Suk
Sunkiss drop (Alison)
Sunkiss drop (Jun)
Sunrise (Jason Nevins)
Super Star (nonstop megamix)
Sweet Sweet <3 Magic
Swing it
Synchronized Love (Red Monster Hyper Mix)
Take it to the Morning Light
Take Me Away
Telephone Operator
Tell Me Tell Me
Test My Best
That's the Way
The 7 Jump
The Centre of the Heart
The Cube
The Earth Light
The Least 100 Sec
The Legend of Max
The Other Side
The Race
The Reflex
The Rhyme Brokers
The Shining Polaris
The Theme From Flo-Jack
The Twist
The Whistle Song
Theme From Enter the Dragon
There You'll Be
Tierra Buena
Tino's White Horse
Tomorrow Perfume
Trance de Janeiro
Tribal Dance
Trip Machine Climax
Trip Machine Phoenix
Trip Machine Survivor
True (Radio)
True (Trance Sunrise)
True Love
Tsugaru (Apple)
Tub Thumping
Turn Me On (Heavenly Mix)
Twilight Zone
Two Months Off
Under the Sky
Upside Down
Vanity Angel
Vem Brincar
Video Killed the Radio Star
Vol. 4
Votum Stellarum
Waka Laka
We are the Champions
We Will Rock You
What a Wonderful World
White Lovers
Why Not
Wild Rush
Will I
Witch Doctor
Wonderful Night
Wookie Wookie
www.blonde girl
You Gotta Move It
You Leave me Alone
You Make Me
Yozora no Muko
Read August 18, 2008, 08:52:56 PM #12

All DDR [ITG2] tournaments (including the preliminaries; schedule posted below) will be sponsored collaboratively by VISO and Dancing Tofu Gaming.  You will see products from both of these local businesses used in all the tournaments, with an approximate retail value of $4500 worth of product present and $2800 worth of product given as prizes.  Both of these establishments are going out on a limb here, and your support would be appreciated.  Representatives from DTG will be present at the convention at all times on all three days.  A representative from VISO may be present at the convention at some point. (I should know tomorrow after I go in to pick up the product from VISO)

The Schedule (Final):

8am-11am - Open Qualifiers (all tournaments) and free play
11am-1pm - Open Qualifiers (all tournaments), free play, and warm-up for DEMON and MANIAC.  Preference will be given to entrants.
1pm-3pm - DEMON preliminary tournament; 8-person low elimination.
3pm-6pm - MANIAC preliminary tournament; 32-person double elimination or 64-person mixed elimination.
6pm-8pm - TRICK preliminary tournament; 16-person double elimination.
8pm-11pm - TEAM tournament; 6- or 8-team low elimination.  All teams will receive a prize.
11pm-close - Free play

all day - 1 vs 1 Challenges (up to 3 per person, defeats cost two); free play
tentative (unofficial and unscheduled) - Freestyle/Dance Routine tournament.

all day - free play
Read August 21, 2008, 03:01:12 PM #13

Looks like Disko Warp Records managed to get a booth again this year at Kumoricon.  I'll be at PAX this year though, but hopefully it comes together well.
Read August 21, 2008, 10:02:47 PM #14

Disko Warp's one of the standards; I'd be shocked if they weren't there; same with Darkhorse and Sakuracon.
Read August 23, 2008, 03:17:05 AM #15

So wait, this is next Saturday? So soon. I have my final the day before...

So yeah my attendance is up in the air right now. Right now I can barely afford the cost, and on top of that a bunch of my friends are leaving the country on or around this day. We'll see.

« Last Edit: August 23, 2008, 09:35:07 AM by discovolante »
Read August 23, 2008, 06:21:47 PM #16

Can't go, work Sad

Edit: Things change.. 50/50 chance.

« Last Edit: August 24, 2008, 02:41:33 AM by Hooby »
Read August 25, 2008, 12:30:31 AM #17

You better both be there.  If either of you miss it, I'm going to rape cats and hang them from your doorways.

One day attendance = $25 IIRC. Tongue
Read August 25, 2008, 10:24:30 AM #18

You better both be there.  If either of you miss it, I'm going to rape cats and hang them from your doorways.

One day attendance = $25 IIRC. Tongue

I am pretty sure I can go.

I don't really like anime, so hopefully the girls in costumes and opportunities for hotel room shenanigans will make up for that.
Read August 25, 2008, 03:31:46 PM #19

If you can secure me one ATTRACTIVE girl in cosplay I will certainly go.

Otherwise it looks like the only thing I have to worry about is the money and I think I can work around that...

edit: Just dealt with the money. ALRIGHT ASSHOLES I GUESS I'LL GO.

« Last Edit: August 25, 2008, 03:33:35 PM by discovolante »
Read August 25, 2008, 09:01:05 PM #20

One of the VISO reps is going to be a hot girl in Cosplay.  I don't know if Alex has figured out a costume for her yet though. Tongue

Anyway, as long as you don't need to have said attractive girl in cosplay, it's not a problem.
Read August 25, 2008, 09:05:46 PM #21

Don't need it but definitely would be added incentive so that if something else came up I would ditch it to get with the cosplayer.

Read August 29, 2008, 03:49:02 AM #22

So, apparently I suck at living.  I made four flawless DDR Pad frames and spent over $300, tried to wire them up and wound up with a disaster in my garage and seven dead controller chips. (I could swear I only owned six) Anyway, I'm going to be busting my ass tomorrow morning trying to make the best cabinet I possibly can to redeem myself as much as possible, then I'll be modding the hell out of the con's CF's once I get there around 4ish.  I'll try to set them up with bars (sort of; I'm actually using 2x4's lol), because I like bars, but can't guarantee that will get done.

We've still got a fuckton of VISO, but if you were hoping to try out some of my pads, I hope you're accustomed to disappointment.

Sorry to disappoint. . . again.  I'm not going to mess with DDR pads any more; I'm going to see if I can sell my designs to CF, MMB, or Logitech and start focusing on school again after this.

If anyone can make a killer pad with the frames, they're yours.  I want to see them turn into something fantastic, because I put a lot into them; I just don't have the wiring skills nor (at this point) the motivation.
Read August 30, 2008, 08:39:46 PM #23

Sad to hear that it didn't work out for you after all that work you put into it. Sad
Read September 03, 2008, 10:34:58 PM #24

Zeppy's gonna take the frames.  Here's the only cool thing I made after all that:

Had two of those setups.  The bars wound up working really well, and only costing a couple bucks each.  The plywood made up the bulk of the cost. Tongue

Once Zeppy finishes making the frames into pads, we'll work on getting some pics and vids up.  I think he'll be able to do a lot more with them than I would.

Kumoricon went really well.  More GOOD DDR players than any past year except possibly 2005, even though the total turnout for the tournament was 14.  Hopefully we'll see more people signing up for the tournament next year, because I'm going to work on getting the tournaments set up with a little more attention geared toward them. (working on getting them run separate from the game room, which will allow me to have the tournaments ready to start on time and then I can run them with no delays and no hassle.  I can also have some snacks and drinks in the room so that nobody will be tempted to leave unless they need to pop out to use the restroom.)

I want to see lots of you there next year, okay?  I'll be running Guitar Hero and Rock Band next year as well, so be sure to bring yourselves and your friends for those too!  If enough people ask for it, we're willing to run BeatMania and DanceManiaX* tournaments too.

*depending on machine availability
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