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December 08, 2008, 08:58:04 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

Date: February 14th or 21st
Location: Ground Kontrol, BackSpace, PSU, or Private Venue
Tournament: ITG2 running on PC or Dedicab, or PIU Pro

Entree fee: $10

1st: 50% + swag
2nd: 30% + swag
3rd: 10% + swag
4th: 5% + swag

Swag would depend on what sponsors I could get.  VISO is a possibility.  I can talk to some other locals as well.

So here's the catch: You'll get rewarded for bringing friends.

If you bring a friend to meet everyone who registers to Team PoOR on, I'll pay $1 of your entry fee per person you bring, up to $5.
I'll pay an additional $2 towards your entry fee for each of those people who enters the tournament at a competitive level.
If you come to the event representing any other team of 3 or more people registered on, I'll pay $2 towards your entry fee plus one dollar per each additional person at the event who is registered to that team, up to $7.
NEW! The person who brings the most friends will get something cool.

To recieve these benefits, you must be registered on a team on prior to the event as scheduled.

Once date and location are confirmed, feel free to RSVP.  An event page will be posted on when date and location are confirmed.

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Unless there's some interest in this, I'm gonna postpone until I can get some.  If you want a tournament, you have to let me know.
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