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November 13, 2009, 03:59:40 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

A couple of years ago, Tony and I had a Thanksgiving party the Wednesday night beforehand. The theory was that most people get to sleep in a little on Thanksgiving, so going to a party after school or work isn't such a huge deal. We've been talking about maybe trying to do the same this year. We were thinking that, with the added emphasis on fostering a Bemani community as of late, we could extend the invite specifically to new and old Bemani community members.

We're not sure we're going to do this yet, but we were wondering if this is something you guys would be interested in. It'd probably start around 7, and go until everyone gets tired and leaves. There would probably be stuffing, and whatever other food people wanted to bring, as long as everybody promises ahead of time to clean up after themselves. Wink We could always play Bemani Pictionary on our whiteboard, too! Cheesy

So yeah, does anyone think they'd want to attend such an event?

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That sounds cool.
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I'll be in colorado visiting family.
but I would go. do you guys still have your Pop'n machine?
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We still have it, but we're still waiting for a new IO board. It's on a boat somewhere between Japan and here, and should be here sometime in the next month. Tongue

Edit: I made a Facebook event page for this, and I'm going to invite all of my PNW/community contacts on there. If you haven't received an invite, or you think I missed someone, just post here and I'll remedy that.

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