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May 10, 2010, 04:58:36 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

Hey all,

I was redirected here by a friend, Adam (Crono).  Not sure how many people know him.  Anyway, I'm told a lot of the Northwest American players browse/post here, and since you are the closest Americans to our Conference location, I thought you may want information about it.

It is going to be held Late July/Early August.  Since it is a Conference, it spans 5 Days beginning Thursday Evening and finishing Monday Evening.  The main draw for this event is our annual nationwide ITG Tournament, however many things are taking place using other Bemani (All console unfortuantley, except PopN'Music which we have a cabinet for), other computer games, and of course many activities outside the realm of video games!

Prizes for the main tournament are aiming to be low 4-figures (Hoping 1000-1200 for 1st, and 400-800 for 2nd/3rd) 

Anyway, the planning is still in its preliminary stages.  Ill make sure to post here with important announcemnts about it.

For more information, check out:

Thanks Smiley

Read May 11, 2010, 11:52:13 AM #1

Welcome, Dman! Crono was around here a year or two ago, and made sure to tell us about the last Conference. I know there was a fairly good interest in the event last year, and people will probably be interested this year as well. Smiley
Read May 11, 2010, 12:09:16 PM #2

Yeah, last years was in Vancouver and it was really cool. Unfortunately, I don't have the time or money to travel all the way to Edmonton for ITG.
Read May 11, 2010, 11:18:46 PM #3

For those of us interested in going but not in the know about the Edmonton area, do you think that you would be willing to post some information for us about the area? How is public transportation should we choose to fly (would we need to rent a car?) What is in the immediate surrounding area of the conference?

Read May 19, 2010, 11:51:52 AM #4

Sorry for the late reply.  Been crazy busy getting information going and such.

To answer your question Laura: Information Packs will be put online closer to the date of the Conference.  I'm compiling information for it already, but until the Itinerary is fully formed I would be able to formally issue it online.  But yes in the information package it will have maps and directions to all the major locations/venues for the Conference, and also maps from the Airport/Bus Depot to get to the lodge.

Another interesting note is that the cities annual Anime Convention is happening around the same time as this conference.  Called "Animethon".  I noticed the thread about your own Anime Convention, so thought this information may peek some of your interest as well. Smiley  Might be cool to check out a Canadian one. ^^ Though I have no information on that personally, you can find info for this at:  Though, of course its probably not even close to as large as the one thats happening down there. Tongue

So if you can convince yourself of an Edmonton trip just for ITG, maybe a combination of anime and ITG would work (The Anime Convention is actually super close to the Conference Location also, and were lodging at the same place, MacEwan Residence.)

Anyway, I also came here to post more information about the Conference:

A Facebook group has been created for this event.  It is called "Rhythm Games Canada Summer Conference 2010" Please feel free to join the group, and invite others thay might not post here that may be interseted to join also. Smiley

Date of Conference is confirmed for August 5th to August 9th

Lodging Information has been confirmed.  I just need to wait for the Reservation Form from the Coordinator, and I'll make sure I attatch a link here when that happens. (Should be tomorrow)

And if you have any inkling that you may want to attend, I would appreciate if you filled in the short online questionaire.  It should only take a couple minutes to fill in, but the information will be much appreciated when we make our final decisions in these areas before determining the final registration cost.

Registration Forms I'm hoping to have up within the next couple weeks (Really depends on how many/how quickly I get feedback on the questionaire.)

So heres the questions:

1) Are you interested in getting a Conference T-Shirt this year? (Y / N)

If yes,
How Many?
What Color(s)?
What Size(s)?

2) We are considering booking the entire venue (Apocalypse Gaming) for the duration of the Conference. To help aid us in the decision, please answer the following questions:

1) If you had unlimited computer access, would you take advantage of it? (Y / N)

If yes,

2) How many hours per day (estimate) do you see yourself using the computer? (Bold your choice.)
a) Less than 1 hour
b) 1-2 hours
c) 3-5 hours
d) 5+ hours

3) Catering is an option for Conference attendees. Would Catering interest you? (Y/ N)

If yes,

What meals would you like catered: (Bold your preference(s))
a) Breakfast
b) Lunch
c) Supper

Would you prefer: (Bold your preference(s))
a) Eating at the residence (MacEwan Residence, located 2-3 blocks from the Conference Venue)
b) Getting items to Take-Away (Pick up food from MacEwan during lunch hours and then take it back to the Conference Venue/wherever you’d prefer to eat.)
c) Boxed Lunches (Pick up food in the morning before leaving MacEwan Hall so you
have lunch available whenever you want it at the Conference venue/wherever you’d
prefer to eat it.)

Additional Comments: (eg. I would prefer eating breakfast at the residence but want to be able to take away lunch/dinner, allergies, etc.)

Thanks a bunch.

Read May 20, 2010, 03:48:29 PM #5

Thanks for some of the additional info. I don't know if I'd want to attend an anime convention - I actually run the arcade at our local convention, and stick mostly to the gaming area. The Rhythm Games conference would already cover that for me, so I'd probably just stay around for that.

As for your questions... some clarification is needed. When you say the residence, does that mean that there will be a hotel or something that everyone is staying at? Will it be included in the price of the convention? When you say computer access, do you mean wireless internet or computers THERE to access?
Read May 21, 2010, 06:32:03 AM #6

Ya by Residence I'm refering to MacEwan Residence, which is the lodge we are recommending people to stay at for the duration of the Conference.  Their website and lodging information can be found in the lodging thread on RGCanada.  We offer it as the ideal choice since the price is pretty reasonable especially if you share with a friend or two (And the rooms are more spacious and private (lockable seperate bedrooms) then hotel rooms + kitchenettes.)  Also, it is really close to the Conference location.

Short answer for lodging being included with registration is no.  Simply because we can't ensure everyone is on board to stay at that Residence (many choose alternatives), so it wouldn't be good to impose that in registration.  Also, from an organizational perspective, it isn't overly efficient since the amount people pay for lodging can vary considerably based on the room they choose and how many people they choose to share it with.  Since there are so many combinations possible, it would just end up being a book-keeping nightmare to keep it financially on track.  So definiltely easier if people just worry about covering their own lodging expenses.

And the Conference is taking place at Apocalpyse Gaming, which is where the ITG machine I own and operate is located. (Its also like only 2-3 blocks from MacEwan, which is nice.)  Apocalpyse Gaming is an internet cafe, so it would be on their computers.  Wireless is available, but is password restricted and usually for staff only.

I'm just probing to see if its worth investing into a group inclusive rate for the duration of the entire Conference, which would include unlimited computer access at Apocalpyse Gaming.  If I don't see much interest in this area, it will be up to the individual to purchase their own computer time and such. (Though if thats the case I can see about getting wireless access setup for those with laptops, though there isn't a lot of counter-space for laptop people.)

Ballpark figure for Conference Registration cost is probably $30-50, depending on feedback I get.  But I will confirm an exact registration cost probably mid-June at the latest.


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Read May 21, 2010, 10:39:41 AM #7

All right, then here goes:

Shirts: I think my husband, who would be coming with me, would probably want a shirt; He's a men's XL. I'm a girl's S or M, so unless you're making fitted girly shirts, I'm probably not going to have great luck fitting into one. :<

Computers: My husband and I would both prefer to just have our laptops on our laps and access to wireless; I'm a student and he's a software developer, and the vast majority of our "work" takes place online. However, if this isn't a possibility, unlimited computer access is the next best thing, at least for me.

Food: I'd probably want breakfast catered to my room, but would tend to just buy and eat lunch and dinner out and about. As long as there are places to buy food in the local vicinity, my mood/preference changes enough that only getting my first meal catered makes sense.

Read May 25, 2010, 09:23:27 AM #8

Alright, I know shirt sizes can vary depending on the brand we get.  I'm meeting with the company that is doing the Tshirts in a couple weeks, and will have a better idea on those specs at that time, so youll be able to make a more informed shirt size decision.  Technically, I guess double thinking that questionaire I only need to know if your interested in shrits or not, so good to know Smiley

I will definitely see about wireless then for you guys at APG.

Also, I got the reservation forms and additional information from MacEwan residence.  So please check it out at the rhythm games Canada website.

I would place the forms here, but I don't see where I go to put attatchments, I see insert image, hyperlink and email but nothing for attatching documents?  Is is possible on this site?

Key information for the lodge though is:

1) Internet in the rooms is wired, not wireless.  So if your using the internet at the lodge, make sure you pack an ethernet cable with you.

2) TV's unfortunatley are not part of the rooms.  Although, basic satellite is available, if you want to access it you'll need to bring your own TV. (If interested let me know, as I know its not feasiable to bring a TV with you, I will try to arrange something for you.)

3) If cooking your own food at the Lodge, make sure to bring your own dishes/pots/pans etc. with you since they do not provide these in the rooms.


Read June 27, 2010, 11:50:52 AM #9

Registration Forms are now up.

Keep in mind if your under 18 and want to register, you also need your parents/guardians to fill in the Parental Consent Form and attach in to your registration form.

Also, keep in mind the order that I recieve these forms will be the order that I will be calling upon people during the payment/tshirt process on the first day of the Coference (Thursday starting at 6PM). As tournament spots will potentially be restricted based on the forumat, I encourage you all to submit your registration forms ASAP.

Please visit, and check out all the event information in the RGCanada Summer Conference forum!

Also, some modifications have been made concerning the top 8 double elimination portion of the tournament. So make sure to check that out also, and of course feel free to post any questions or concerns you have if your interested in attending. Smiley


« Last Edit: June 27, 2010, 11:56:53 AM by Dman »
Read July 08, 2010, 04:52:14 PM #10

Logo submissions have been posted.

Please visit RGCanada and vote if you plan on attending. Smiley

Read July 08, 2010, 08:50:05 PM #11

I welcome everyone to vote.
And please choose which one you feel is better. Be honest with yourself,
which is why I'm not telling you which one is mine.
Read July 14, 2010, 07:36:52 AM #12

Logo Contest ends Friday.

I'm sure hoping that we have a tie-breaking vote by then.

If you haven't voted, please do so at:

So details on the shirt/company.

I am going with the same company that did the shirts for the Calgary 2008 Summer Conference.

The shirts will be made by Gildan.

You can check out the companies website at:

If you want something other then a t-shirt (like a jersey, hoodie or whatever) then it should not be a problem. Keep in mind they are more expensive, I think around $30-40, but I can't remember exactly.

I am NOT ordering extra T-shirts, so if you want one with the winning logo I will require your registration form by Monday, July 19th at the LATEST.

Any registrations recieved after July 19th will not get T-shirts, hoodies, etc. as July 19th itself is pushing it and not sure how much time the company will need to do the order. (Don't want the same mishap as in Calgary after all where we had to mail out shirts after the Conference because the order wasn't ready for it before.)

On your Registration form make sure you specifiy atleast your top 3 color choices. As they are bound to be short on stock this time of year, and we don't have the time to wait for them to order in more supplies before the Conference.

If you can't fax and/or scan/email your registration form for whatever reason, then please atleast PM with all your tshirt information. (If you fax me something, send me a PM saying you sent me a fax, just incase I don't recieve it.)

Type: (tshirt, hoodie, jersey, etc.)

Again, you have until July 19th to get me this information.

Read July 18, 2010, 04:44:04 AM #13

For anyone thats potentially interested in attending, we have made this map for you on google maps:(We've opted for this instead of providing information packages to save some trees.)

The map shows the more prominent locations used during the Conference, and also pinpoints all the spots in the city that have DDR/ITG machines. (though most of them are garbage except the tournament machine (which won't be available for practicing) and BJ's custom built ITG3 cabinet (which I'm sure some of you have seen on youtube and/or topics hes made on forums)).

An important note, is that if your arriving via Airplane the Airport for Edmonton is actually located in Nisku (close to Leduc) which is about a 10-15min drive away from the residence/tournament location.

You can easily get Bus route directions using the above map, or you could alternately get a taxi from the Airport to the Residence.

If your looking for something thats a bit more budgetable, I can probably arrange for a few local drivers to pick up anybody that requires it (just helping to cover gas, which would be like $5-10 each depending on how many are in your party.)

Also, a rough itenerary of the weekend and its events can now be found in the Conference Forum @

If you have any further questions, or wish for some other information to be posted on this information map.  Please post Smiley

Read July 18, 2010, 06:50:09 AM #14

Thanks for keeping us updated about the event Dman! Even though it's way too far for me to attend, it's great to see these Canadian events organized with frequent news.
Read July 18, 2010, 03:58:19 PM #15

Your welcome! Smiley

btw, I believe (not 100% finalized yet) that we will have someone that is going to broadcast and announce the entire top 8 tournament on Monday, August 9th from 10AM until about 8PM via Ustream.

So I'll update on that probably mid-way through the Conference if that will be happening (possibly sooner), so that anyone that is interested and doesn't have to work can feel free to check out some of the action!

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