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March 18, 2016, 11:05:46 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

Saturday March 26 - Sakuracon Arcade (WSCC room 6B)
Registration begins at 11:45 and ends at 12:15.
Qualifying begins at 12:00 and ends when all players have played the qualifier.
Bracket rounds immediately after qualifying is complete.

Playable Songs
Players will be allowed to pick songs from ITG Rebirth 1/2 and the Sakuracon 2016 tournament expansion

The tournament will use a standard double elimination bracket with matches played best 2-of-3.
During a match, each player will get to pick one song, random Expert charts will be picked from the playable packs as tiebreakers when necessary.
The first two rounds of the winners bracket will be capped at 11 and 12 respectively; corresponding losers bracket rounds will match these caps. During capped rounds, tiebreakers will be capped one foot lower.
If a player fails their own pick, that player forfeits the song regardless of their opponent's score.
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Nice simple rules. I like it : ]
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