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February 06, 2015, 10:53:38 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

-Since there is now a finalized Time and Date, putting a fresh new post with the consolidated rules and details-

Game Ver: Pump It Up Pro 2
Format: no-bar Singles, double elimination
Time: Saturday at 2pm
Location: Lucky Strike
700 Bellevue Way NE Suite 250
Lincoln Square, Bellevue, WA 98004

Entry Fee: none
Cabinet Setting: Event mode
Finalist Prizes: Andamiro/Bemani swag
plus potential Powerplay VIP card

Additional Details:
The seeding process will be completely random, to save time.
LuckyStrike will reserve the machine for the Pump tourny from 2pm until 7pm. I recommend arriving earlier to warm up.
The cab will be moved to an event space section in the back-right corner and placed on a stage with lots of room plus chairs and tables around it. There will be a waiter on-hand, to check in with the event space and take food/drink orders.
The display from the game will be hooked up to a projection screen on the wall, so observers can see the arrows clearly.
LuckyStrike indicated that they will provide a small token for every participant.

::Match Rules::
-Before the seeding process, every player will need to declare their individual difficulty cap with the minimum being 8. There is no max cap, so you can set your own cap to 15 if you prefer. During match ups, the lower cap between the two players will be the max difficulty that can be chosen by either person.
The point of the cap is so that Stamina players will not crush Timing players.
-With each match, the higher seed will choose their preferred side or whether their song will be first or second. The other player will then decide the other option.
-Any difficulty mode (Normal, Hard, Crazy) can be chosen within the lower cap between the two players, but you can only choose a specific song once during the tourny
-The victor of each match will be the first person to have the highest percentage twice (players do not have to pass their own choice to win). If each player wins their choice pick, then the 3rd song will be a random Crazy difficulty within their shared cap. No vetoes on the random song, even if it's a repeat.

::Technical Stuff::
Random misses/goods/dropped holds will be ignored, unless an arrow becomes obviously unplayable, from getting stuck. The pads are generally very reliable, so taking a chance with sandbagging/bracketing will be on you. On the other hand, if a song lags at the beginning, this affects both players would be undeniable visually, so the song will be started over if the lag resulted in the loss of Superbs.

There will likely be a Bonus mystery challenge, following the main tournament, for the unpicked prize... this either involve Guitar Hero or Air Hockey~
Read February 06, 2015, 07:35:08 PM #1

Um, is it THIS Saturday or NEXT Saturday?
Read February 07, 2015, 11:14:31 AM #2

It is 2 weeks from today ~
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