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September 26, 2010, 04:19:48 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

Results from the Round 1 Qualifier for the 2010 National DDR Tournament.
Narrows Bowl: 9/25/2010
The top 3 move on to Round 2 of the Tournament

1st: Allan aka Gerrak
2nd: Tuan aka NSX
3rd: Tony aka Ancsik
4th: Andrew

We had 7 entrants, which means players are either not as interested (likely, considering how unprofessional this tournament series was last year) or they are waiting to attend Suko's tournament in Everett. You still have time to register for that tournament, and the winners of this tournament cannot enter in Suko's.

Thanks to everyone who showed up! It was a fun time overall, and it allowed for some interesting rule experimentation (since we had to base it off the horrible rule framework that was given to all round 1 locations). It seemed like everyone enjoyed most of the ruleset, so you will see a tournament rule-type discussion here soon so we can document different tournament rule styles.

I had fun organizing the tournament, and a HUGE THANKS again to Bill, who is always awesome and willing to host tournaments for the community. Without Bill, we wouldn't have had this Round 1 tournament, as he got the (unfortunate) job of getting to deal with the company organizing the tournament. Smiley
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