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February 08, 2015, 02:00:34 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

I can't seem to get the locator to work and add locations, so I'll update here!

Big Al's, Meridian: Supernova, $1.00

Pojo's Family Fun Center, Meridian: Extreme, $0.50

Cheerleader's Bar & Grill, Boise: Extreme, $0.50

Karcher Mall Arcade, Nampa: Extreme, $0.50 (N/A if tokens or $$)

Idaho Ice World, Boise: Solo Extreme, $0.50 (N/A if tokens or $$)

Edward Theatre, Boise: Supernova, 2 tokens ($0.50)

Majestic Theatre, Meridian: Extreme, 2 tokens ($0.50)

There's a couple more places we're checking out this week, and I'm checking with my boyfriend's work to see where else they have DDR or ITG rented. They also have 2 Solo 2000 cabinets and pads that are in warehouse, and we're going to try to get one of those soon, as well as their Drummania 10th mix into my arcade, which we'll be looking to open this summer, maybe. Smiley
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