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December 18, 2010, 04:33:18 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

Being at ACME waiting for my turn for an ITG set, my girlfriend suggested "You should get shoes like them because they are so light on their feet!" And i replied letting her know that I've found the few best pairs (and the one best) for my play style to advance in. But i've noticed lots of people use a variety of different shoes, and are able to the hardest songs they can do (without being hindered by the shoe). To me that is fascinating that we're not boxed in, there is no specific ITG/DDR shoe like there is for basketball, running, etc. I found that not too many people use Nike shoes like I do, but not many people in our pnwbemani community use similar shoes to one another at all!

So I ask you all, what is your favorite pair(s) of ITG/DDR shoes? and why? Looks? Weight? Comfort? Cushioning? History with the shoe?

Primarily, I use my black shiny Nike zoom shoes. They work with my footwork style, are incredibly light and gives me the most control (very thin) so i can perform accurately for 9s, and give my foot swift and controlled housing for 12s. When I wear black, I wear these.

Otherwise, I bring my Nike Kobe Bryant Shoes. Extremely light but with cushion at impact points. With the arch in the shoe, i can't small step as much, but they are gentler on my feet than my main pair. I started using these when realizing i can work 10 hour days at AE (mall) in them. Speed of these shoes is no different than my main pair. Precision is just as good, just in a different step form. but Anytime I wear white, i use these.

(p.s. if i placed this topic in the wrong place ( didn't know exactly where to put it), i didn't mean harm, and it's totally cool if it is moved to another place an admin feels best.)

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Isn't there a thread like this already?

Anyways, I wear New Balance 993. I also wear a size 15, which limits my options in what I could wear.
Read December 19, 2010, 05:04:53 AM #2

Ah yes, it looks like there is a few like it! Totally did not see them.

having a size 15 shoe will give you good prices on shoes since they are always left when they go on sale Smiley
Read December 22, 2010, 04:11:04 PM #3

We should make a dedicated thread for shoes at this point. Just have a collection of photos and advice on shoes.

I use Asics Gel - Cumulus 12's

but I just got these today!

ASICS Gel - Nimbus 12!!!!

Lol Dragonball reference

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