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February 24, 2009, 02:44:11 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

Greetings all,

I want to buy arcade pads. REAL arcade pads. EXACTLY what is in the arcade. From an ITG dedi would be best, or any standard 4-arrow DDR setup, two attached together, with bar. I will pay 1k+ depending on the condition, and for the right pads, up to 3k+. Hooking them up to my custom hacked together setup is my problem, not yours.

(for those who are curious, I have a Linux machine running the windows version of ITG2 in WINE. It works remarkably well, and I already have it working with arbitrary PSX controllers via a USB adapter)

Also, as a side note, if anyone has a dedi cab with pads and would only sell both together, I would be interested in hearing about that also(obviously, I would pay more for that). I would also like to hear from anyone that has the linux version of ITG (which I assume runs on the dedi cabs), patches to r21 (my current setup is r2), I am interested.

Also, if anyone has fall-back recommendations for what non-arcade pads to get, I'd like to know what my other options are (i.e. "the following pad can be bought from <here> and has a bar which is 'worth a crap', as well as sunken buttons that feel like the arcade").  My most important concerns are:
1. Durable, can hold my 300lbs ass for a long time.
2. Authentic - real arcade feel - sunken buttons, bar you can "rape".
3. Servicable - I can replace the sensors just like they do on real arcade pads, when the go bad (which they undoubtedly will).
4. sensitive (at least as sensitive as in the arcade, I will be playing ITG so lots of holds, rolls, hands, and weird crap like that =)

I am in downtown Seattle and willing to pick up in, say, 100 mile radius.  Again, for the right pad.

Thanks in advance!
Read February 24, 2009, 09:42:01 AM #1

I would also like to hear from anyone that has the linux version of ITG (which I assume runs on the dedi cabs), patches to r21 (my current setup is r2), I am interested.

OpenITG is basically a modified version of Stepmania that is almost identical to the arcade version on ITG. From what I know, this project spawned specifically for guys like you who wanted to run ITG2 on their custom cabinets.

I've also heard of Open Groove, but I'm not too knowledgeable about that.
Read February 25, 2009, 01:48:01 AM #2

Thanks Suko - I made this same post on other forums and other folks have told me about OpenITG - it is definitely the solution I am looking for.  From talking to the OpenITG devs, it sounds like it would probably be best to get DDR pads, not necessarily ITG pads from a dedicab.

So I am still looking for pads... *bump* =)

Read February 25, 2009, 11:22:14 AM #3

I'd look at Ebay and think about buying a cheap DDR machine and just using it as a basis for your setup.

DDR Extreme running on a Playstation for under 3k. The pads look legit though:
Read February 25, 2009, 10:48:02 PM #4

BeatGear.  If you can find a legitimate pair of these with the electrical schematic fixed, you have pads vastly superior to any you'll ever find in any arcade.  Here's the problem: only 56 ever made.

If you can't find those, which you probably won't be able to, try picking up a couple DDR Solo Arcade Machines.  If you don't like having the two extra buttons, just put a 16ga. steel plate over them.  The pads are somewhat different from those found on multiplayer cabinets, but they're better than any home pads you'll find.

Your next best bet is to patch together your own from parts.  You can get frames, I/O boards, and panels from channelbeat.  You can get good-quality CCFLs from Silicone Valley Compucycle.  You can get tapeswitches from mymybox, betson, channelbeat, and a few other places, but I'd honestly recommend just making your own sensors out of mending brackets, screws, and weatherstripping.  As far as bars go, you can order a couple custom-built for a couple hundred dollars, or you can compare prices from Betson, Channelbeat, Coin-Op Express, or any other arcade retailers that happen to carry DDR machine parts.

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