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August 16, 2008, 01:25:31 PM - ORIGINAL POST -


...what were they thinking!?  Come on guys, really?
The Vancouver crowd should give a full report on the game ASAP!  hahaha

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It's been there for a few weeks, so I'm surprised no one posted anything about it earlier. All there really is to say is that it's 2 songs per play, there's a slightly more difficult (but still simple difficulty), there are no mods, it's impossible to play on the 2p side alone, and there are a lot of spelling errors in the lyrics displayed. I've seen both children and adults playing it, and the children actually seem to have an easier time getting the hang of it. It's pretty much impossible not to quad star a song unless you step on the wrong arrow, which I have done because of the small pads and goofy noteskin. The children's songs actually sound fairly good. There are snippets of a few of them at

Here are a couple pointless pictures I didn't feel the need to post anywhere else.
I lost in that last one. At the end I gave up and started using my head to hit the panels.

Also, for some reason I find it funny that a picture of zeppy is being posted on all these sites.

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Reminds me of Oha Sta.  I'm actually a little intrigued by it, heh.  Bill should totally upgrade the PiU cab at Acme when this game comes out, heh. JK.
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Also, for some reason I find it funny that a picture of zeppy is being posted on all these sites.
Because, he makes kid games look like kid games for midgets.

I seriously lol'd when I saw that picture.
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