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January 25, 2016, 10:53:02 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

So far, all the information I've managed to find about Sound Voltex has been in Japanese.  Can slog through that eventually, but it's easy to misunderstand things.  Haven't seen much English language discussion of it, so figured I'd just throw out some questions here.

Seems like the only way to gain Nemesis Crew (the larger characters visible on the mode select screen) and Sub Crew (smaller characters selectable while you're choosing a Nemesis Crew member) is to finish limited time Events, or get really lucky while playing double-cost games with the Generator active.  Don't recall getting any from Missions.  True?

I'm mostly asking that first question because the only non-default Nemesis Crew member I have is Reimu (not my own image... Sub Crew are those smaller boxes below her) and I still have one empty space for Sub Crew, and feel like it takes forever to beat these 25k-30k health enemies in Mission 6.  10 or 12 games each.  The last mission I was on that seemed like you needed to grind that long turned out to just be something I was misunderstanding.

Do the actual titles you're offered in Skill Analyzer mode matter at all?  I know that the color of your titles matters -- the highest level you've passed a course on in Skill Analyzer changes the maximum difficulty level of songs you're allowed to choose during your game.  But does the title itself matter?  When the game offers me the chance to change to a different title of the same level (color), I'm never sure if there's a reason to do so outside of "that name sounds cooler".

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Well, that was a miserable failure.  Smiley
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Yeah, I pretty much have nothing here. I played just enough Sound Voltex to get the IIDX song unlocks back when they were available, and then stopped. I'd venture that the different titles at the same level don't matter for Skill Analyzer, but that's without any experience to back that up.
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