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September 12, 2018, 12:00:05 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

Cross-posting from ZIv even though it has been about a month since I made that post. (I just forgot, okay? XD) Everything will be up for sale for the next week before I leave.


Since I will be heading to Japan for graduate school soon, I thought this would be a good time as any to sell my entire collection of old console games I still have lying around, since I won't be needing them anymore. (Well, at least my entire PS2 collection for now, although I've included some Wii stuff in here too.)

Unless otherwise stated, all items are US versions, include their original packaging and manuals, and in proper working condition. PM me with the items you want as well as your offer.

Oh, and if you decide to buy all of the PS2 games in one bundle, I'll throw in all of the PS2 memory cards, containing all of my save data for instant unlocking of every single song, as well as some random PS2 game demo discs for free. Same goes for the PS1 games and memory card.

Images for all items are here:
PS2 Console
PS1 Games (front view) (side view)
beatmania/DDR PS2 Games (front view) (side view) (except DDR EXTREME and EXTREME2)
Other PS2 Games (front view) (side view)
Wii Games (front view) (side view)
beatmania PS2 Controllers
PS2 Metal Dance Pads
Memory Cards
PS2 to Wii Adapters

PlayStation 2 (original, not slim; includes required cables and separate carrying case, but no original box or manuals)

PS1 games:
Dance Dance Revolution
Dance Dance Revolution KONAMIX

Hot Shots Golf 2
Saltwater Sport Fishing

PS2 games:
DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution
DDRMAX2: Dance Dance Revolution
Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME (CD only, no case)
Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME2 (in GameStop Pre-Owned Case, no manual)
Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA
Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA2
Dance Dance Revolution X
Dance Dance Revolution X2

Duel Masters (Limited Edition) (does not include booster pack)
Final Fantasy X
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
Hitman: Contracts
Hot Shots Golf Fore!
Test Drive: Off-Road Wide Open
XGIII Extreme G Racing

Wii Games:
DanceDanceRevolution II

Metroid Prime Trilogy: Collector's Edition

beatmania IIDX PS2 Konami Official Controllers (x2) (no packaging)
Cypher Games Metal Dance Pad (for PS2, modded by me, ghost-stepping occasionally still occurs)
DDRGame Tournament Metal Dance Pad (for PS2, modded by me, ghost-stepping occasionally still occurs)

Memory Cards: (all save data inside them included)
PS1 Memory Card
PS2 Memory Card, 8MB, Black
PS2 Memory Card, 8MB, Transparent Red
PS2 Memory Card, 8MB, Transparent Blue

PS2 to Wii/Gamecube Converter/Adapter (x2) (no packaging)

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