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March 19, 2007, 11:02:56 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

Well, its that time again!  Time for another BEMANI Sakuracon tournament.  Some of you guys may remember the little IIDX tournament I ran last year.  This year I've decided to run a Pop'n Music CS tournament featuring Pop'n Music 13 Carnival CS.  I've talked to the tournament people at the convention now that the arcade room is non-existant... so here goes!

When: Friday, April 6th 4:00pm
Where : Sakuracon Console Gaming Room

For more convention information please visit

Main Tournament Body:
I’ve decided to run this tournament similar to last years IIDX tournament, but with Pop’n scores.  During the main tournament each round will consist of a themed/difficulty card of 4 songs.

For song selection, I plan on just throwing a bunch of songs in a bowl and having the last place person pick one.  The winner of each round will be determined by the total combined score between one songs they each play.  Their place will determine the amount of points they get per round.

As far as mods go, the only one I’m allowing is speed mods.  There will be no be no other mods allowed.

Round 1 through 5:
The number of rounds I’ll hold depends on how many people sign up.  The rounds will consist of a point value being assigned for all players thus eliminating sand-bagging as the main objective will be to do as well as you can throughout the tournament. In round 1, assuming there are 16 players, the point values will be assigned as such:

1st - 16 points
1st - 15 points
16th - 1 point

If there are 16 people in the tournament, the top 12 players will advance to the next round.

Round 2 (12 players remain):
Top 10 players advance

Round 3 (10 players remain):
Top 8 players advance

Round 4 (8 players remain):
Top 6 players advance, points are re-assigned 16 for first, 14 for second ~ 2 for last

Round 5: (6 players remain):
Top four players advance, bottom two will not receive any points.

Final Four:
Once we reach the final four, each player will choose two songs they would like to play in the final round. These songs cannot be a song they have /played/ in any of the previous rounds. Once they have chosen their songs, each player, starting with first place, will remove a song from the pool. The final four will then play each of those remaining songs in individual rounds. The point values here increase dramatically and add to their previous scores.

1st – 16 points
2nd – 12 points
3rd – 8 points
4th – 4 points

At the end of each song, points will be assigned until all four have been played.
I’m limiting this tournament to Pop’n Music 13.  There will be no Exs played, to keep the game fair for multiple skill levels.  I’m also going to limit it to difficulties between 20-30 for the starting rounds.  Later rounds will have harder difficulties.  I’ll post the original 4 songs for Round 1 soon.

Here is a list of songs that will be used in the first couple of rounds...

17:: J-House Pop / 太陽とバトル / つよし – NORMAL
18:: Melodic Core / S.F.M / KC hospital  - NORMAL
18:: Des Bossa / SUN / 光線 / Des-ROW Gumi Special z  - NORMAL
18:: Koushinkyoku / Wonder Island / T.Sakisaka with ME – NORMAL
18:: Dream Pop / fantasy suitcase / Mr.T – HYPER
18:: Happy Dance Pop / HONEY PUNCH / Kosaka Riyu  NORMAL
19:: Symphonic Metal op.2 / Sanctum Crusade / Sarastro – NORMAL

I'll probably just either take a vote for hte first song played, or draw the song from a hat.

Winners will be determined based on total point score for the entire tournament.  The prizes for this won’t bee too fantastic, but if you enjoy BEMANI games and Pop’n Music, you’ll enjoy them!

If you are interested in preregistering for this tournament, please email me at or aim me at GoshaDole, or just PM me here. I’ll have a sign up sheet at Sakuracon for those who wish to sign up in person… the cap for this tournament is 16 players though.

Hopefully enough people are interested in this to make it happen.




For the tournament, I will bring my ASC, which is a controllica ASC.  I'm going to try and clean it a bit before I go and fix my cord (its coming loose at the input base).  If anyone wants to contribute a Konami ASC instead, be my guest.  The tournament will be played exclusively with Pop'n Music 13 CS,  This is because a.) it will save time not having to switch between styles and b.) has a songlist people enjoy, both the players and people in the audience.

For preregistration, just PM me or post here if you plan on attending and entering, you can also hit me up on aim at GoshaDole.  I plan on capping the event at 16.  The event is open to most to all ages.  The difficulty of the songs will range from about 15-30, no EXs will be played... we can do some Pop'n Tatsujin stuff earlier or later in the con.  Of course, there is no entry fee.  I plan on limiting the event to about 3-4 rounds because the Super Smash Bros Melee tournament is scheduled at 7pm on the same day.  They capped that tournament off at about 264 people, so it may get a bit crowded later on as this event progresses.  I'm trying to get prizes together for pretty much anyone that enters.

If you are interested in posting my flyer at arcades, let me know and I'll get you a high res version to print out.  I'm sure we could put one up at Acme/Narrows.

Hopefully you guys will enjoy this!  If you have any comments on the rules once posted, I'll be open to changes and whatnot.
Read March 20, 2007, 12:02:15 PM #1

i am so totally in hahaha Smiley
but no EXs and nothing over 30 = :C
also i have been playing on a popnmini2 so will i have time to use your asc before the tourny?
Read March 21, 2007, 12:24:24 PM #2

I'm entering with my inferior pop'n skills. Cheesy

I want to practice, too. Chances are it will be set up beforehand, hopefully for a while.
Read March 21, 2007, 01:29:05 PM #3

good.  i have been playing Carnival CS nonstop to #en my skillz :mykl:
Read March 21, 2007, 11:20:19 PM #4

I'll try and get to posting the rules tomorrow.  I've been really busy lately.
Read March 23, 2007, 12:04:34 AM #5

so what kind of prizes might there be?
Read March 23, 2007, 12:29:33 AM #6

two maidens and a stein of mead

is there some way i can go to this con for free and participate in this tourney? i don't want to pay money to look at anime people. Sad
Read March 25, 2007, 03:04:59 PM #7

Rules are now up!  As for prizes.  Don't expect a whole lot, but you guys'll probably be happy with what I have.  This is a free tournament, I don't think the con would allow a money pot.
Read March 28, 2007, 04:20:57 PM #8

Initial round songs are now up.  I tried to keep them around the 15-20 range.
Read March 28, 2007, 07:18:50 PM #9

I hate this song 18:: Dream Pop / fantasy suitcase / Mr.T – HYPER

and i ABSOLUTEly love 18:: Des Bossa / SUN / 光線 / Des-ROW Gumi Special z - NORMAL

nice choice
Read March 29, 2007, 12:01:12 AM #10

haha fantasy suitcase is so bad for a tourney.
Read March 29, 2007, 12:15:06 AM #11

its hard to time Sad
Read March 29, 2007, 12:22:45 AM #12

I'm only posting this because I don't want to wake up, post 3 times, and then realise I skipped over post number 588.

btw, post # 588.

Please, continue.

To make this post slightly less illegitimate, I'd like to state that I'd be willing to participate in one of these next year, if I ever get around to getting myself a swapdisc and some Pop'N games. (I can make my own controller, 'cause I'm a cheap little ho' like that.
Read April 04, 2007, 08:08:20 PM #13

J-House Pop / 太陽とバトル / つよし – NORMAL 99.4k first try
Melodic Core / S.F.M / KC hospital - NORMAL 99.2k first try (no goods 2 bads Angry )
Des Bossa / SUN / 光線 / Des-ROW Gumi Special z - NORMAL :C 97.7k First try
Koushinkyoku / Wonder Island / T.Sakisaka with ME – NORMAL 98.9k First try
Dream Pop / fantasy suitcase / Mr.T – HYPER hate it and will never play it... unless it comes up in the tourny
Happy Dance Pop / HONEY PUNCH / Kosaka Riyu NORMAL 97.8k first try
Symphonic Metal op.2 / Sanctum Crusade / Sarastro – NORMAL 98.8

so i should do pretty good for the first part of the tourny
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