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October 05, 2010, 02:26:19 PM - ORIGINAL POST -
The past months have been a great excitement for Chris Foy and myself.  As you may have seen from various “hints”, we are hard at work on a brand new video game project.  Several of you may be familiar with our involvement in past projects such as:  In The Groove series, Pump It Up Pro1,  iDANCE2  and others.  You (the players) have kept us going over the years and we are excited to reveal our new creation to you very soon.  We are still quite some time from completion, but we won’t keep you in the dark!

Why is it so cool? : ReRave is absolutely a first of it’s kind.  After all the years that we’ve been involved with  interactive reaction games, this new concept is very evolutionary.  We’ve learned A LOT about reaction games over the years and you (the players) will also be the ones to experience our evolution.

What  is it?  What will be for?  : This is a brand new series of products that will be a first of  it’s kind.  What does that mean?  It is PATENT PENDING and has been through months of legal research.  We’ve done our homework from the start and you will see why!

Is it Stepmania based? : No, ReRave doesn’t contain a single element from the stepmania engine.  It is being constructed from scratch!

More information is on the way, but for now:  Have a look at our TRADEMARK located here.  We look forward to providing players with something new by strengthening the community and providing tournaments & events in the future.

Not sure what it is yet, but consider me excited.

11-18-10 UPDATE:
Chris and Kyle showing off a very early build of ReRave:
ReRave - A first look into the future

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  Roll Eyes
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You quoted me, then responded with that article about the price and release date. I assumed you were disagreeing with me. That's all. :p
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I was putting the two together for reference. I don't have any arcade pricing knowledge to know if that's a good price or not for a game of its type.
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