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March 17, 2010, 06:50:03 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

Since this is going to have a location test at Power Play, I figure we should make a thread for it.  Bemanistyle just uploaded a new video from the Amusement Expo that features the games songlist so far...

I contributed my animations to the Diskowarp songs that had them, so in addition to the rest of the game, I'm really excited about this game!  I think it looks leaps better than Pro 1.
Read March 23, 2010, 11:27:33 AM #1

Heres the current songlist from the show too...

All of the World -   -API-    
Allegro Con Fuoco -   DM Ashura    
Back in Boogie Town -   Beat Bender    
Bang the Bass -   Wez Devine    
Be Alive - Stian K    
Boom Digi Da -   Bambee    
Breathing You In -   Zircon feat. Jillian Goldin    
Can Can -   Banya    
Chaotic WHITE -   DM Ashura vs Enoch    
Closer to Heaven - MePuma    
Coalesce -   On Slot    
Concerto -   Sanxion7    
Cosmic Unconsciousness -   When Machines Dream    
Dabbi Doo -   Ni-Ni    
Deadbeat Boyfriend -   Lucky Princess    
Disco Punks on Jolt -   Blue Stahli    
Dream To Nightmare -   Nightmare    
Elder God Shrine    E-Racer    
Electrock -   Throwdown    
Epilogue -   When Machines Dream    
Eternus -   Sanxion7    
Euphoria -   KaW feat. Smiley    
Frozen -   Celldweller    
Gargoyle -   Sanxion7    
Hanky Panky -   Jenny Rom    
Hardkore Atomic -   CanBlaster    
Hell Flame -   Diclonius Kid    
I Think I Like That Sound -   Kid Whatever    
I'm Just a DJ -   Ekowraith feat. Kyrn    
Ika Uka -   Jenny Rom    
In The Night -   Scandalous    
Kitty Cat -   Coconut    
Ladybug -   Coconut    
Lolitabot -   Lolitabot    
London Bridge -   SCI Guyz    
Man vs Mountain - Throwdown    
Memory -   On Slot    
Mind Your Matter    Björn Fogelberg    
Miss's Story -   Banya    
Move It Groove It -   KaW feat. Sam I Am    
Music Over You -   United Forces feat. Ariel.C    
Necromancy -   Zircon    
Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire -   Fright Ranger    
One Step Higher -   MePuma    
Photosynthesis -   Zircon    
Pink Fuzzy Bunnies -   Wonderboy    
Poco Loco -   Carlito    
Power Trip -   Nostra Cosa    
Rainspark -   Sanxion7    
Rave Until The Night Is Over -   DM Ashura feat. MC Jay and Veronica
Rock Robotic -   Oscillator X    
Rockhill -   Beltaine    
Shooting Star -   Coconut    
Span    - SGX    
Star Command -   Zircon    
Step On It    The DNC    
Style On My Speed Dial -   Oscillator X    
Sweet Senorita -   Bambee    
Swing Baby Swing -   The DNC    
Switchback -   Celldweller    
Tell Me A Story (Compendium Mix) -   SGX    
Tension -   Inspector K    
Terminal -   Sanxion7    
The Game of Love -   Jenny Rom    
The Last Firstborn -   Celldweller    
The Neon Underground    - Oscillator X    
Tribal Style -   KaW    
Tribe Attacker -   CanBlaster    
UFO Catcher -   Initial P    
Unlikely (Stay With Me) -   Celldweller    
Wanting You -   Ekowraith    
Wham Bam Boogie -   Bambee    
You Bring the Rain -   Oscillator X    

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Read March 23, 2010, 12:28:09 PM #2

Sanxion7, SGX, and Jenny Rom? nice! Cheesy
Read March 24, 2010, 02:48:59 PM #3

Agreed! This songlist is awesome, actually.

Am I the only one who finds the inclusion of Carlito hilarious? Tongue
Read March 24, 2010, 06:34:06 PM #4

Yeah, I think its pretty sweet.  I wonder if in Pump Pro 3, if it happens, if we can get some Dr. Bombay in there too.

I think there's supposed to be like 80+ songs in the game.  We we've seen so far is pretty sweet!
Happy Redneck
Read March 25, 2010, 11:17:11 AM #5

yay Be Alive is on there. It better have gimmicks with it like the simfiles do.
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