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May 05, 2022, 12:00:44 AM - ORIGINAL POST -

Hi all, first post on the forum. Smiley

I live in the Seattle area and my first exposure to rhythm gaming was Pump it Up at Gameworks (Rest In Peace) during my senior year of high school. Now I'm a senior in college who's since switched to visiting Round1 in Southcenter Tukwila, which has been nice for exposing myself to more games.

My partner goes to school at WSU in Pullman, and after playing PIU in Spokane over spring break last month we discovered a jubeat machine in a random mall that was completely off our radar. I enjoyed it a lot! I owned a midi controller that was very similar to the jubeat controller for a bit; jubeat reminded me of that. Unfortunately the only other cab in Washington is at a private spot, The Nest, which has been closed out of health considerations for some time. So, I've been looking into playing the game at home for the past month, and honestly it sometimes feels like Konami DOESN'T want us to play Bemani games in the States.

So I have a couple questions:

1. I've seen some people build their own setups to play at home. I've worked as makerspace tech in both my high school and college so I have the skills and access to tools to build the controller given some plans I found online here (a huge help!), but I'm lost as to how they emulated the game. Does anyone know?
2. Is purchasing a jubeat cabinet feasible? The process to get one working looks pretty in-depth. Also, it would be my first arcade cabinet, so modifications to the machine would be a new experience for me.
3. How is the jubeat plus app? I don't own a large enough tablet to play comfortably but I would be happy to hear others' experiences with it and keep an eye out for an ipad on sale in case my other at-home options are a no-go.

tl;dr Looking for a more accessible way to play jubeat since it's not in my area. Would love to hear how others do it.

See you Seattle peeps at Round1 sometime, probably!
Read May 05, 2022, 10:57:06 AM #1

Hi, viktron! Welcome and great first question. Jubeat is awesome.

As someone who used to drive several hours to Canada mostly just to play Jubeat, I can help answer your questions!

1) The software in that video is not emulated. There is no Jubeat emulator, so you are seeing actual arcade data in the video. People who go this route typically source a PC and then (not legally) download the arcade data and configure the PC to work with their controller. This is similar to the FB9 Jubeat home controller you can find from That site is long out of stock, so you'd have to source a controller used. An FB9 pops up every few months in bemani used marketplaces, so they aren't freely floating around. There was one on ebay in the last year, I think.

2) Yes; depending on availability. Jubeat cabs are the smallest/lightest bemani cabinet (that I'm aware) so as long as you have space, the budget, and the means of transport, this is very doable. Last year I actually bought a Jubeat cabinet from a local importer in the Seattle area.    I'm not sure if the website is up-to-date, so use the contact form and they should get back to you.
This is my recommendation if you're trying to use an actual controller. There are online networks to also enable profile /eamuse functionality which most importers will tell you about at the time of purchase.
If Hadouken is out of stock, the online marketplaces will see sellers selling their cabinets. You'll have to get the cabinet shipped which will certainly add to the budget, if the seller is not local.

3) I played on an iPad for years, but on the original app. I haven't tried the new app due to #2 above. Obviously a different experience, and this was a good fix for a LONG time for me, because as you know there are no public Jubeats currently in the Western Washington area. I've thought at times getting a used iPad pro from swappa and doing the app, but I then remind myself I bought a cabinet so I didn't have to do that. haha

Bonus: There are several local Jubeat cabinet owners. Making friends with them is another option. For starters, Misu will host public events for cabinets he owns. Check out his discord:

Let me know what other questions you might have!
Read May 05, 2022, 08:35:58 PM #2

Thanks for your response! This is super helpful information. I'm staying in Richmond for a couple days next month so I'll definitely play as much jubeat as I can.

Buying a cab sounds really appealing if I can enable e-amuse service. Did you do this for your cabinet? On the other hand, I'd enjoy the experience of building a controller and playing on my own PC, which would also be much cheaper. I see what you're saying about the software though, so I'll just stop talking about that.

In the meantime I'll check with Hadouken to see if they plan on getting another jubeat cab in. I'm definitely into the idea of buying some other games from them too - would like to support locally where I can! Also joined that Discord you linked, thanks!
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