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August 07, 2009, 01:14:06 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

Yeah, as the title says, I'm curious...

ITG2 cabinets were made by Andamiro, which also make all the PIU cabs. Both look very similar, and although I don't know for sure, I bet they're insides are nearly identical. That being said, does anyone know if it's feasible to take a PIU machine, replace the pads with DDR pads, and install OpenITG onto it? Would this crazy idea work? Or, is it possible to modify a PIU machine into a 4 panel DDR/ITG machine?

If someone has any reference sites/blogs/images/etc on this kind of thing, I would be very grateful for more input!

EDIT: I found this topic on PIU to DDR pads. Looks like that's not a viable option. But I still wonder if you can hook DDR or ITG pads up to a PIU cab...

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this guy could probably tell you
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this guy could probably tell you
That's just with pump pads. He wants to use DDR pads. I'm assuming you're not using a boxor here, but if you used the JAMMA -> PC converters they have at ultimarc you could run the pads to the pc, then the pc to the monitor.
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I've seen pictures of Kyle running OpenITG on his GX cab hooked up to ITG pads, so yeah, it's definitely possible.
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