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November 14, 2015, 11:02:11 PM - ORIGINAL POST -

I was chatting with another person about this event as Round1 earlier today, and figured I'd post this here for anyone who wasn't already aware of it. I'm separating it from the e-amuse thread, as this is specific to Pendual, and will likely be obsolete once the Pendual machines at Round1 are upgraded.

The meat and potatoes of this event occurs on the Pendual website ( However, there is a link to the game, as this event makes use of both Fricos and Spiritual Points (the latter started accumulating with the event's start in September). As far as I can tell, each song gives 50 Spiritual Points, regardless of difficulty and pass/fail (some songs may add 20 more points). To access the website event, click DJ Data, then scroll down to Pendual Talisman (you will need to be logged into the website to be able to do this, but the region for the Konami ID does not matter).

There will be two buttons here, one for Present and one for Future. Spiritual Points show up over Present and Fricos show up over Future, but both accumulate regardless of the phase the game is in. In Present, you can use the points to acquire swords. For those who missed the Qpronicle Chord event that ended in July (or didn't obtain all of the songs/charts from it), each sword (except 天叢雲剣) will unlock all charts for one song from this event. Obtaining all 7 swords will unlock the Tower of Time song's charts. Each sword costs 1000 points to obtain (10 points for 1%), but if you're short, you can simply dump all of the points you have left into one of them.

Once you have at least one sword, you can access the Future tab, which has a series of enemies. Each enemy type represents a locked song in the SPADA folder. They are as follows:

Close the World feat. a☆ruSigmund
Ancient Scapesinvoker
Feel the Beat疾風迅雷

There are three strengths here. Defeating the 1000 HP enemy will net you the Normal chart, 5000 will get the Hyper chart and 8000 will get the Another chart. You have 5000 HP, and this does NOT recover between battles, though one sword will give you 1000 HP back. If you wish to recover, there is a button at the bottom which will restore your HP using Fricos, costing 1 Frico for every 2 HP.

The battles are card-based, with cards for 1-5 available. You pick a card, and the enemy picks a card, and the battle proceeds (I'm not 100% sure on HOW it proceeds). Each of the obtained swords can be used here.

Some more information is available on RemyWiki, over here:

I will note that the Tyrfing sword will deal 2500 damage to the stronger card...which means you can hurt yourself with this one! As one might expect, it is unavailable for use on the last turn. Swords can be recharged from the Present tab.

There is another song from Pendual that can be unlocked from this event, but I believe one needs to defeat every single enemy from the first set  first (I've beaten all of the 1000 HP enemies and I don't see anywhere to proceed). After that, there are LEGGENDARIA charts that can be unlocked, but these remain exclusive to the Extra Stage, which can only be accessed with PASELI.

(EDIT)I just ran into this one now. The Pendual website (probably other game websites too) drops offline when the e-amuse network enters it's regular maintenance times (which just happened).

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Read November 22, 2015, 10:41:28 PM #1

Note for anyone who is still trying to do this, don't transfer your data to Copula. While it is possible to continue the event after doing the data transfer, it will not be possible to transfer any new unlocks to Copula after the data transfer has already been done.

The unlockables in the SPADA folder (the 7 I put in the table) are unlocked automatically by Copula. The other songs that are unlocked by this event, on the other hand, are NOT. So if you're missing anything (like I am, I didn't think I'd be able to actually get everything done there), you'll have to wait for another unlock event to get anything you missed.
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